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"Wargaming is looking for a Release Manager for our upcoming projects. This individual will coordinate all of Wargaming West’s global product releases."
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Release Manager,

Location: Chicago, IL Wargaming is looking for a Release Manager for our upcoming projects. This individual will coordinate all of Wargaming West’s global product releases. They will work closely with various teams and Project Managers to understand the current status and potential impacts given to a release. Responsibilities:
  • Coordinate all release / configuration / change management-related tasks for the turnover preparation, planning and implementation of software builds into preproduction and production environment.
  • Coordinate beta stage testing and focus group events
  • Coordinate communication and key dates between various development and publishing groups
  • Interface with global release manager to ensure successful product release
  • Develop and maintain roadmaps and release schedules for release candidates
  • Provide management reports on release progress
  • Provide hands on support of product release and deployment
  • Sets target and locks final release dates and coordinates which projects will be release according to their schedule.
  • Responsible for owning the delivery of successful monthly releases, and managing the tasks associated in the planning, execution and cutover of all release level activities.
  • Build and create system to maintain release level documentation in a well-organized / easy to access set of procedures and technologies.
  • Execute cutover plan on release nights, driving issue resolution for the completion of all tasks within the defined maintenance window.
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