Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum

This spectacular new wing offers visitors the chance to engage with the beauty of nature and interact with young scientists
Darwin Centre
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There are exquisite jewel green beetles, butterfly species by the thousand, fossils, deep sea creatures, Darwin’s original collecting albums, even a meteorite that landed in Egypt 80 years ago from Mars. The fabulous diversity of the natural world in which we live is all there at the Natural History Museum in London, and now a spectacular new wing, the Darwin Centre, which opens next week, will allow us a radically expanded degree of access both to the collections and to the people who gather and study them.

The building itself is a triumph. Designed by the Scandinavian architectural practice, C.F. Møller, the new wing takes the form of a massive white concrete cocoon that sits with surprising civility within a glass and steel box. The 65m (210ft) tall curved structure, which is clad in creamy smooth Venetian plaster, dominates all views, looming up and out of sight from wherever the visitor stands.

As a 21st-century answer to Waterhouse’s original and highly decorative Victorian museum building, it is undoubtedly spectacular and achieves its aim of symbolising the boldness with which the museum is facing the future.

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