Baby Goat Billy - Indie game update

An indie Deck-building RPG. Immerse yourself in the fantasy world through the engaging story. Get legendary scrolls, build a stronger deck, discover relics, and save Baby Goat Billy.

You can play the demo here:

More challenging encounters await you in the dungeon, are you sure you brought your best deck with you? If not, its okay, you can try combining different cards and discover which strategies work best against which enemies. But beware, your baby brother is still out there.... time is precious....

BGB (Baby Goat Billy) is still at an early stage and I want to make sure that the combat is solid, before committing to creating 100+ cards. I want to explore what players enjoy and what is the right balance of complexity and difficulty. I still don't even know what my target audience is... If you think you are the right audience, reach out on Twitter FB, Steam or any other platform. Help me deliver the most exciting experience for you! Also the more people Wishlist the game, the more sure I will be that there is an audience at all.

This update includes...

1. Talent tree - There are 4 different talent families, each talent brings you a small bonus/improvement but also unlocks cards and this is how you pick your deckbuilding strategy. There will be multiple playstyles available for players to explore:

  • Wrath: - Focusing on brutal force and direct damage, but this simple strategy might not work against some powerful enemies.
  • Wisdom - Focusing on more defensive playstyle with lots of armor, healing and using your armor to inflict damage;
  • Holy - Perhaps using buffs and blessings is your strategy of choice, you can use those to increase your critical chance, avoiding attacks or regenerating;
  • Evil - Do you like cursing your enemies with negative effects and stacking weakening spells on them? Perhaps this path can intrigue you!

2. New starting area with several new characters and dialogs. BGB is not just a deck-builder, but also a story-driven adventure, in the new village area you will find interesting characters, dialogs and as you progress you will discover more and more about the world and what has happened to your brother. You are just a young goat, you have a lot to discover and learn...
3. New cinematics and cutscenes.
4. New enemies with new mechanics and status effects.
5. New cards to build stronger decks
6. Two new levels
7. Usability improvements
 (based on player feedback)
8. Movement and collision improvements (based on player feedback)
9. Sound settings (based on streamers feedback)

Next steps...

  1. New combat mechanic that will freshen the battles and is quite innovative to the genre. It will allow deeper strategy and deck-building synergies.
  2. Improvements on UI and UX. (based on player feedback)
  3. Victory screen animation.
  4. More cards and enemies. (based on player feedback)

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