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Autodesk Debuts Autodesk Maya 2010 at SIGGRAPH 2009

Autodesk, Inc. announced it has unified its Autodesk Maya Complete 2009 software with its Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2009 feature set, to come up with Autodesk Maya 2010. The solution combines matchmoving, compositing and rendering in a single unified workfl
Autodesk, Inc. announced it has unified its Autodesk Maya Complete 2009 software with its Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2009 feature set, to come up with Autodesk Maya 2010. The solution combines matchmoving, compositing and rendering in a single unified workflow. Composite
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New features include Maya Composite, a compositing system based on the former standalone Autodesk Toxik software; Autodesk MatchMover, the company's 3D tracking and matchmoving system; five mental ray Batch render nodes and the Autodesk Backburner network render queue manager. It ships for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. Pricing ranges from $895 for an upgrade to $3495 for a single license. The company also announced the Connection Extension for its 3ds max animation, modeling and rendering solution. According to the company, Connection Extension enables users to transfor m data into visualizations.It crates a bridge between 3DS max and CAD and related design applications including SolidWorks, Rhino, and FormZ. It will be available as a download to existing Autodesk subscribers.

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