Announcing Project Fixbot

Today we are announcing our latest project, Fixbot. We are a small Indie game startup company building games for iOS devices. This is our first title and we are looking forward having you all join us for the ride!

Today we are very excited to announce our latest project, FixBot. 
Project FixBot has been under heavy development for the last month and we are really excited about showing off some of the cool stuff we have been working on. 

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The game is a 2D platform-shooter emphasizing multiplayer and puzzles, with a unique movement style. The game will be playable across all iOS devices running iOS 4.0 and later.

Project FixBot started off as the idea - or as we like to call it, a “spark” - of a gravity platfomer. Something where the player can change his gravity source. As we continued to design we changed the gravity idea to magnetism, and the player became a robot fixing a space station. This got further expanded to the idea of “what if the player could only move by connecting to magnetic surfaces”. From there the spark was fleshed out and the game was solidified. 

The release date for project will be April 21, 2012 (pending Apple approval). We will be posting regular updates on the project every Saturday so that you can follow its development. The artists will be posting additional concept art and production art, and the programmers will be posting about the various challenges they faced in developing an engine that solves the unique problems that are involved in making a game of this style. We look forward to getting to know our growing community fanbase while we make this awesome co-op 2D platformer. 

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