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ZIO and the Magic Scrolls' first large-scale update ‘Boss Raid’!

Defend yourself, it's a Boss Raid.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

- ‘Boss Raid’, first large-scale update and addition of a new S-grade character ‘Zabatus’ three weeks after release.
- Plenty of events and rewards are awaiting all players, including the opportunity to do 55 free invocations.

The mobile fantasy AFK RPG <ZIO and the Magic Scrolls> is gaining momentum in its successful release and is introducing its very first large-scale update, the ‘Boss Raid’.
<ZIO and the Magic Scrolls> is a 3 weeks old AFK RPG which was selected in the Google pre-order collection before its release and has attracted the attention of many with a total of 700,000 pre-orders. It has been acclaimed for its excellent gameplay.
The reason for its popularity can be found in various factors such as NAVER WEBTOON™'s popular webcomic 'Magic Scroll Merchant Zio' being brilliantly implemented in the game, as well as thrilling battles using magic scrolls, attractively illustrated characters and a convenient game system.

This large-scale update 'Boss Raid' is also attracting a lot of attention. 'Boss Raid' is a large-scale coalition battle between players, based on the original webtoon story in which dragons appear and attack humans. The players will have to team up in an in-game guild system, the Magic Guild, to defeat the boss.
To insure victory for themselves and their guild, players will have to remember the following!
They must defeat the boss within the time limit of 90 seconds. Also, the boss has strong overall attack skills and passives, so adventurers will need to strategically organize their party. There is also a ‘Guild Scroll’ that can only be used in Boss Raids, so they must not forget to use it.

Players must also not be afraid of challenges! They can get rewards just by participating, and if they participate 3 times or more, they can even get Season Rewards. Of course, the more they contribute, the greater the reward. The 'Guild Coin' that can be obtained as a reward can be exchanged for various cool items such as necklaces and rings.
Boss Raids will be held on a season-by-season basis, and when the season ends, the guild that ranks first in the season will enter the 'Hall of Fame'. The adventurers must not miss the chance to win huge rewards as well as the honor of their guild.
After the Boss Raid update, a new character 'Zabatus' will be added. Known as a strong demon in the original webtoon, he will show his powerful powers in combat, making the game even more exciting.
To celebrate this update, special events are also being prepared. To welcome the new character ‘Zabatus’, enough diamonds to do 55 free invocations will be gifted to all players and a ‘Special Attendance Event’ will also be held in which players will be able to receive rewards such as ◆Red Diamonds, ◆General Summon Tickets, etc. just by attending. In addition, additional diamonds will also be gifted to all players. More details about the events can be found through the official community.

Download link:
Official Community:
Gather your scrolls and get ready to fight the dragon with your guild members!

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