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Zine. E. Falouti announces the Alder Forge "Chapter Two" for an intended release on August 19th, 2022.

Second chapter beaten and molded into shape for August 19th release.
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The Alder Forge is an adaptive turn-based role-playing game that started in Early Access on January 7th, 2022. The game will be transitioning to its second phase with the release and addition of chapter two, "The Silver Phoenix".

The Story:

The Fourth Squadron will continue their journey into a deadly political conflict between four nations with the ongoing plots that started in chapter one. You will face the complexity of human behavior, and the blurred lines that draw good and evil in each character, all in the middle of a society that is slowly and progressively trying to destroy its feudal political system and evolve into something new.


-In phase two, new elements will be added to enhance the combat system combined with the adaptive combat switching modes.
-Additional optional bosses, riddles, events, and side activities to help you acquire extra resources and unlock additional skills.
-Smart enemy parties that help each other either with group buffs or healing.
-Environment interactions to help the players learn more about the world.
-More resources are added to the crafting system to help you easily acquire battle consumables, enhanced weapons, and armor.
-NPC interactions are more rewarding in the right conditions.
-Environment skills to help you mine, dissolve strange objects, bypass locked doors and cover more ground quickly.
-The five members of the Fourth Squadron aside, additional playable characters will join your party in chapter two.


The Alder Forge early access transition to phase 2 and the release of chapter two are coming this August 19th, for more information don't hesitate to visit the game on:

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