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Youtubers Life 2 brings highly players-requested mobile version to Android and iOS today.

After thousands of requests from players, they can now get the game on their preferred device.
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Watch the Mobile Launch Trailer:

Spain, Wednesday, January 25th, 2023: Reaching 2 million players so far, the Youtubers Life Franchise aims to reach new goals with the release of Youtubers Life 2 on the Google Play Store and App Store today, making the game available worldwide on all main platforms.

"I've been seeing people playing it on YouTube and I'll go like ‘Wow look how great is this game, I wish I had it on Mobile and see the strategies of being a YouTuber’ [...] "
"I hope one day YouTubers Life 2 will hit the mobile market.[...] "
I really want yl2 in mobile other than that life is going good [...] ”

These are some of the most common replies from thousands of players who have asked about it on social media, Discord, official forums, or via email. Finally, players can lay their hands on the Youtubers Life 2 mobile version as of January 25th.
Youtubers Life 2 has been also updated recently to the #CityStories version, adding new challenges, customizations, and other new features which bring completely new ways of playing focused on enhancing the feeling of adventure and exploration. Players who get it on Android or iOS will also get access to the #CityStories upgrade, including all these new mechanics and improvements as well.
Furthermore, the Youtubers Life 2 Characters Book, which includes exclusive background and unique designs of more than 30 characters, is also available for FREE for mobile players and can be downloaded through this link:
Youtubers Life 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for $29.99 on PC, for $39.99 on consoles, and $6,99 on iOS and Android.
Press Kit:

  • New Mobile Launch Trailer
  • New Mobile Screenshots
  • Official Characters Guide
  • Video Game and Company logos
  • Youtubers Life 2 Official cover

Every trend is a story to discover in NewTube City! Live new adventures by meeting over 30 charismatic characters who will drive you to success. Post what you live out there and grow as the famous Youtuber you have always wanted to be. Your road to fame starts now!

For further information, please contact:
Jorge Fernández – Raiser Games
[email protected]

About Raiser Games
Webedia, leader in digital entertainment content creation, presents Raiser Games, an international video games producer and publisher for PC, console and mobile. We support talented new development teams by funding, publishing, commercializing and providing discoverability to their games and build communities around them. Thanks to the existing synergies with the rest of the Webedia Group, excelling games can benefit from the group's resources to expand their commercial projection and become 360 projects.
Our team is comprised by veterans and young dreamers with experience in successful gaming companies. With a total expertise of more than 80 years in the video game industry, our team background includes publishing and producing more than 200 games from 18 different countries for PC, consoles and mobile devices, both digitally and physically.
About UPLAY Online
UPLAY Online is an independent video game studio based in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 2009 and staffed by video games and sports lovers, UPLAY Online focuses on creative projects that combine classic playability values (management, runner, puzzle…) with contemporary topics like influencers and esports. They are creators of the superhit Youtubers Life (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam, iOs, and Android), the first and best YouTuber simulator available on any platform, reaching the top 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016. The studio has also developed franchises such as Esports Life, International Basketball Manager Saga, Striker Manager, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball, and Train Crisis, among other titles, which have been enjoyed by more than 50M users worldwide on multiple platforms (PC, iOS, and Android).

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