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Wreck Tangle Games has today announced the sequel to their horror-adventure game ‘Quintus and the Absent Truth’, titled ‘Quintus and the Formidable Curse’.

Horror-adventure sequel announced.
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The original game, released on PC and all last and current gen consoles in 2022, followed the unlikely team of a man and mouse. The sequel is to continue the journey of this duo, but Wreck Tangle Games has promised that every element of this second addition will be bigger and better.

The developers have listed on the new game’s Steam page which improved mechanics are returning and what new additions we can expect from this adventure.

The unique visual art style from the original makes a stunning return, as it has been highly improved with more detailed graphics and enhanced colors.

As with the first game, many puzzles throughout require the player to jump from being human to being a mouse. In the original game these were introduced as separate levels or

scenes within the game, in QATFC this mechanic is now fully scripted, allowing the player to change to being Quintus when they deem necessary.

As any good sequel should have there is also a lot of new to this game, for instance, Quintus isn’t the only mouse in town anymore; sewn into the plot, Alan and Quintus now have 4 additional mouse friends to help on their travels. Each mouse is connected with a natural element which can be used for various puzzles throughout the game, allowing for more detailed puzzles that require some extra thought.

A combat system is also being introduced into this game; with a darker plot and bigger dangers ahead in this adventure, have made it necessary for Alan to fight his way through some areas. Clutching to any item he can get his hands on, enemies may be lurking around any corner, and Alan must be prepared.

Combat mainly consists of swinging a bat or pipe, but in later areas Alan can also ask for help from some of his new mouse friends. Asking the wind mouse for help will lift the enemies into the air, the fire mouse can burn them, and the electric mouse can electrify the enemies, making battles not only more entertaining to play, but easier to manage.

With all the details released on the game thus far, as well as the short reveal trailer, this is looking to be one exciting adventure for our Man/Mouse duo. While no release date has been shared yet, this is one mouse to keep your eyes on.

More details on this exciting sequel can be found on the game’s Steam page, or on the official Wreck Tangle Games website.

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