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What players should know about the newly released Idle RPG

Idle RPG vigorously detailed.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

 The Infinite Growth Idle RPG <Vahn’s Quest>, in which the protagonist never dies and only grows stronger has finally been revealed!

<Vahn’s Quest> is an idle RPG with cute characters and cartoons that will stimulate the desire to collect, as well as various fun contents including mini-games. This mobile game has received attention as seen through the high amount of pre-orders and being featured by the Google Play Store in several countries. <Vahn’s Quest> is a stage-clear collectible RPG game that anyone can grow easily and quickly.
Here are some strategic points and special events for the newly released <Vahn’s Quest>!
  1. The most important thing is ‘Gold Collection’
Gold is essential to level up various heroes, including the main character ‘Vahn’. The players can raise their hero's level by collecting gold which can be done just by clicking on the Gold Wagon on the main screen. Of course, as an idle game, Gold Wagon does not stop producing gold even offline.
TIP. If the players collect wood and upgrade the gold wagon, the production will increase significantly. Defeating the monsters and upgrading the gold wagon with the obtained wood is therefore a must!
  1. Investing rubis in Buff Scrolls
When the players clear quests or dungeons, rubies will accumulate. It is therefore  recommended to invest in Buff Scrolls to use rubi most effectively.

There are three types of buff scrolls: a Time Saving Buff that increases play speed, an Attack Buff that gains support from spirits, and a Gold Boost Buff that increases gold gain. If the players actively use these three buffs, they will reach level 1000 and 2000 without realizing it thanks to an ultra-rapid growth.

  1. Equipment enhancement must be higher than advanced equipment!

Equipment is as important as gold collection for stage clearing. Heroes can become more powerful than one can ever imagine depending on the equipment they wear, but the players will have to be aware that strengthening normal equipment will have an insignificant effect. The more stars the equipment has, the stronger the effect when it is strengthened, so our players should focus on strengthening the advanced equipment with 3 or more stars obtained while defeating the boss.

TIP. Find the Boss Dungeon to acquire equipment, and the Forge to make equipment.

<Vahn’s Quest> is a game that will make players clearly feel the fun of character growth. As the characters evolve, they can change into about 100 different costumes, and it's fun to watch them fight stronger bosses in their new costumes. As the players progress through the stages, a dungeon with mini-games will open, offering a new array of fun and charm through games such as slingshot shooting and ruby crafting.

Now, <Vahn’s Quest> is looking for fellow heroes to join Vahn on his adventures. Various events such as Attendance Events and other fun community events will be held to celebrate the launch for brave knights and adventurers who are ready to join the adventure.

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