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Welcome to the Jungle! Green Hell VR: Quest Edition Coming to Oculus on April 7th

A stunning re-imagining of Green Hell is coming to Oculus Quest 2 on April 7th.
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KATOWICE, Poland, March 31st, 2022 - Incuvo Games is excited for players to announce that Green Hell VR will be coming to Oculus Quest 2 on April 7th, with the Steam VR version following this May. Preorders are open now at the Oculus store.


“To ensure the best possible experience for all Steam VR users, we decided to push back the PCVR version a little bit to allow us to implement the valuable feedback we got from the demo earlier this year,” said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO at Incuvo SA.


Green Hell VR promises an incredibly immersive survival experience giving players the ability to see the jungle-like they have never seen before. Throw yourself right into an authentic survival adventure experience conceived for VR from the ground up, with over 60 different gameplay mechanics meant to transport you deep within the visually stunning and bio-diverse Amazon rainforest.  




Players will step into the shoes of Doctor Jake Higgins, an anthropologist who has spent the last three years studying the Amazon. Guided through his radio conversations with his wife, Mia, Jake has no choice but to cling to his life and survive in one of the deadliest places on Earth —  all alone. 

Green Hell VR is a virtual reality game like no other. You will have to pay attention to your surroundings. Memorizing landmarks to prevent getting lost in the deep jungle, learning how to distinguish poisonous plants from those who can save your life, observing where you step —  you’re at all times meters away from deadly dangers! 


Through day and night cycles, you will live and breathe Brazil’s awe-inspiring rainforest up close in this adrenalin-fuelled VR adventure. 


Green Hell VR invites you to immerse yourself in it, truly.

  • Face the Jungle - survive in an authentic recreation of the amazonian jungle with its autochthonous flora and fauna.

  • Survive - Search, hunt, or run for your life from predators. Deadly animals are a threat you cannot underestimate; watch out for jaguars, crocodiles, scorpions, snakes, and frogs.  

  • Immersive Exploration - traverse across dense forest foliage, opening new exploration routes to find resources or build a shelter; 

  • Tactical Tool Crafting - challenge yourself to stay alive, crafting valuable tools to help you on your journey

  • Multiple endings - unearth the puzzle pieces to track back Jack's steps and crack open the mystery that led you into this mess of a Green Hell.

Developed by Incuvo, Green Hell VR is set to become the most complex and authentic survival game for VR — the game faithfully recreates the dangerous conditions of the Amazon jungle. It is based on the critically acclaimed survival title Green Hell, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 on PC and thereafter on consoles. Green Hell took the hearts of survival players by storm, selling up until today over 3 million copies across platforms.


To learn more about Green Hell VR visit the website, join the conversation on Discord, and follow development on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.




About Incuvo

Founded in 2012, Incuvo is a studio of nearly 50 individuals working from Poland, Katowice. We have established our position worldwide in the VR games area, developing such titles like Layers of Fear VR and Blair Witch VR. With 10 years of experience in making games and being engaged in VR technology since 2019, Incuvo is aiming to expand the genre even further and become one of the key developers of the growing VR market worldwide. We want to combine our expertise with the creativity and skills of ambitious professionals to work on the new generation of VR titles. Our team is working currently on Green Hell VR and the VR version of the game from PCF( People  Can Fly) Group’s portfolio.

From 2021, Incuvo is listed on the polish stock market NewConnect.

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