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Wave-based Resident Evil game is coming to Steam

Your only alternative is: kill, run or die. Will you survive?
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CUIABÁ, September 18, 2023 - Deadly Rain is a survival horror FPS game that puts you in a terrifying fight for survival against hordes of scary mutants in a rainy, abandoned village. Find and manage resources to stay alive in the worst and most unexpected situations.

Watch the Deadly Rain announcement trailer:

Alone in an abandoned village, you no longer know what's real, only that your ammo is running out and terrible mutants are approaching from all directions, your only alternative is: kill, run or die.

The year was 1954, the Soviet totalitarian regime needed a weapon capable of distorting reality and spreading fear and panic to non-state supporters, it was then that the Fear project began. Years later, nuclear power plants were built to infect the skies and spread the hallucinogenic material through the rain, now all that's left is for you to try to survive hell...


  • Fight against hordes of mutants growing bigger and stronger.
  • Unlock new areas with keys hidden across the map.
  • Your health won't recover on its own, use syringes to heal yourself.
  • Explore the atmospheric open world of a toxic, abandoned village.
  • Find and manage resources to stay alive.
  • Kill with +13 different weapons (including melee weapons).
  • High replayability, play as long as your sanity can handle.
  • Inspired by games like L4D, COD Zombies, Silent Hill and RE7.

Wishlist now on Steam!

Deadly Rain will be available on Steam on October 6, 2023 priced at $19.99. You can stay updated on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord. Learn more at


About FireRing Studio

FireRing Studio is a Brazilian indie game studio that develops unique survival horror games for PC and consoles. We are developing the next generation of horror games focusing on survival, FPS and exploration. Our goal is to create terrifying and frantic experiences like we always wanted to play. Learn more at

Name: Gabriel Jacintho
Email: [email protected]
Press Kit:

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