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Watch the first, 10-minute Matcho gameplay video and see what this unique, action-adventure match-3 FPS is all about.

Intense match-3 FPS combat (boss fight included), parkour sequences, exploration, puzzle solving, and more await in the first gameplay video for Matcho . The game is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 29, Prague, Czechia.

The Matcho announcement trailer was all about Max, the protagonist. In contrast, the newly revealed video focuses on what gamers like most – gameplay mechanics. From the game’s core feature – the match-3 FPS is thoroughly explained – through Max’s insane parkour skills, to puzzle solving (no spoilers, though!), everyone will find something interesting in what Matcho has to offer.

Watch the first Matcho gameplay trailer HERE.

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist ( to keep from missing any news on how the game’s progressing.

Matcho is a unique, action-adventure match-3 shooter that plays like no other FPS game you’ve ever experienced. Move fast, think faster, tag three or more enemies of the same color, create a match, and watch enemies explode in terrifying blows. Chain further matches and create combos leading to bigger scores. Use the extensive, built-in parkour system to wall-run, double-jump, float, and dash in any direction you like. Expand your movement range by combining all of the abilities together to execute spectacular combo chains and show those nasty bugs who’s boss!


  • Intense and clever tactical fighting built around the match-3 shooter concept.
  • Dazzling visuals powered by Unreal Engine.
  • A non-linear, humor-packed plot with multiple endings.
  • An extensive, built-in parkour system lets you wall-run, double-jump, float, and dash in any direction.
  • A modern take on clever puzzle design and the platforming experience.
  • Spectacular combo chains to launch, execute, and enjoy.
  • A cast of colorful characters with full English voiceovers.
  • Accessibility settings for colorblindness and difficulty curve.

Matcho is currently under development and will be brought to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S by FiolaSoft Studio.
More information about the game can be found on the official website, Steam, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
About FiolaSoft Studio
FiolaSoft Studio is an independent development studio based in Czechia. The developers focus on creating games inspired by the synergy of various genres and blurring conventional boundaries. That’s why every game made and every project created is endorsed by the vision of creativity. They design games where players overcome challenges and make meaningful decisions. They believe that’s why gamers love their games – not because of the best graphics, nor the excellent gameplay design without flaws, but because of the “something special” their games have once they’re done. Internally, they refer to this development style as “crystal design”, which is shown in their logo design.

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