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VR Bullet Hell Roguelike YUKI Releases Today on PlayStation VR

Out on PSVR today.
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São Paulo, 16 of November, 2021. ARVORE, the Emmy Award winning VR studio behind the acclaimed Pixel Ripped series, is proud to announce that their acclaimed VR Bullet Hell Roguelike YUKI (PSVR trailer, website, press kit) is OUT TODAY on PlayStation VR in all America, Europe and Asia at a price of 19,99 USD|EUR. YUKI is also available on Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift and all Steam VR platforms at a price of 19,99 USD | EUR.

YUKI is also available on Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift and all Steam VR platforms at a price of 19,99 USD | EUR.

YUKI is an upbeat mix of the bullet-hell and roguelike genres in VR set in a multidimensional anime universe.  Enter a kid’s wild imagination and fly by controlling Yuki’s action-figure using your hands. Move your body to dodge bullets and obstacles, while fighting evil forces that want to control the universe, in this challenging game where each defeat is just another step to get closer to victory.

Through its unique VR gameplay, adding twists to the inspirational gameplay of old-school classics like STAR FOX, YUKI challenges the player’s spatial awareness and precise reflexes across multiple levels, each filled to the brim with procedurally placed enemies, obstacles, and bullets. Roguelite elements — such as a persistent progression system that allows the player to improve his skills by equipping several power ups, new abilities and weapons at the beginning and during each run — raise the stakes and makes the player want to come back for more and try new evolving strategies to beat the game. YUKI is launching on PSVR with the intense "Patrol Mode" that has received high acclaim by users and critics, and will soon receive an update with the highly challenging "Endless Mode”.
Highlighted Coverage from Steam and Oculus versions

"YUKI is a nostalgia-soaked bullet hell shooter that is patently difficult and essentially requires a fair bit of grinding to get to the end boss. Fun and useful upgrades are dolled out often enough to keep you coming back for more though. The entire experience is quite fun and cohesive." 8/10 - RoadtoVR

“Yuki is an engaging and interesting VR mix combining the bullet hell and roguelike genres. It’s a mélange of simple, well-designed elements that come together to form a solid package.” - UploadVR
"The colorful style and fun soundtrack really took me in and I had a great time. I've tried other #VR bullet-hell shooters before and this is the best that I've played, is very highly polished and is designed extremely well." - BenPlaysVR

"Working at YUKI was a great adventure. One of the bigger challenges in my opinion was to put all the pieces together so the game would be entertaining for different types of players. To accomplish that we implemented an external qualitative testing process early in development to constantly have fresh feedback and I had to make sure everyone involved in YUKI's production was always on the same page in every decision. It was only possible thanks to the hard work from our teams and partners, and the support of our amazing community. I hope players have an experience as fun and challenging as mine!" - Rebeca Traldi, Lead Producer at YUKI

ARVORE recently partnered with VR Esports Brasil to record an amazing Mixed Reality trailer at their studio, where you can see how YUKI totally immerses the player in the VR  world showing its different mechanics in action:

Meet the Team and Learn About the Development Process

Part of the team behind YUKI got virtually together to bring an exclusive panel talking about the game, the mechanics, the importance of lorebuilding, the challenges, insights and the good times during the development. Check it out in the video below:

The YUKI team is available for interviews, if you are interested, please reply to this email or reach out to [email protected]

An In-depth look at YUKI's Mechanics
YUKI offers a unique VR blend of the Bullet Hell and Roguelike genres. Both genres are known for their high difficulty, but YUKI is designed to be accessible and enjoyable by everyone. By starting as a “pick up and play” experience, it quickly grows into a very challenging and strategic game, where the player will feel their power progression through a workshop where they can upgrade their action-figure to face the increasing challenges. As they sharpen their skills against hordes of enemies and challenging boss fights, each run will get the player closer towards victory, while unlocking new Bladewing weapons for Yuki and more and more power-ups. ARVORE wants to invite all players interested in knowing more about YUKI to join their community on Discord and follow the game on Twitter.

Extra Resources:

ARVORE is an Emmy Award-winning Brazilian studio based in São Paulo and Los Angeles that creates and develops games and interactive narrative experiences using the latest immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. With a multidisciplinary team of innovators and trailblazers, ARVORE connects different technologies, senses and media to push the envelope of games and storytelling to new levels. ARVORE launched the acclaimed Pixel Ripped series in 2018 with the VR title “Pixel Ripped 1989”, followed by “Pixel Ripped 1995” last year. The studio recently won the 2020 Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media” for its interactive VR Narrative “The Line”. 

Follow ARVORE on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Press Contact:
Jesús Fabre, on behalf of ARVORE
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JesusFabre

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