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Vehicular Combat Game Chaos on Wheels Gets New Action-Packed Trailer

Crawl through the wreckage with the latest Chaos on Wheels trailer!
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[Croatia / September 18, 2023] - Developer Acodeon Gaming is thrilled to unveil the latest trailer for their vehicular combat action title Chaos on Wheels. Jump behind the wheel of over 25 epic rides equipped with weapons perfect for destroying the competition! Race to become the best of the best and become the ultimate King of Chaos, leaving nothing but dust in your wake.

In Chaos on Wheels, combat and destruction is the name of the game. Deck out your vehicle however you see fit. Visit the garage where you’ll have access to tons of gadgets, weapons, wraps, and various paint jobs, with plenty of options at the forefront. The world is your playground. Decimate everything in your path and take advantage of the semi-destructive environments. Master the art of drifting and driving as you perform death-defying stunts to cover more ground.

The Early Access version of Chaos on Wheels will launch with a ten-chapter campaign, single-player Chaos Career, a custom battle selection with split-screen for two players, as well as two game modes. Players can look forward to over 25 vehicles with a plethora of equipment types and dozens of maps, along with access to many different drivers. While garage management will have a limited amount of actions at first, this feature will be completely polished as the game approaches its full launch. Player feedback is a priority for Acodeon Gaming and the team wants to implement popular suggestions and features from the community to ensure Chaos on Wheels is the very best product it can be.


  • Destroy: Enjoy fast-paced action with tons of bullets, rockets, and missiles that you can take onto semi-destructible environments. Destroy your friend and leave nothing behind but dust.
  • Build: Manage your vehicles in your personal garage, where you can upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor. Equip new gadgets, add wraps, change your paint job, and more. 
  • Ride: Pick a driver and get ready to drive, drift, jump, and perform amazing stunts on dozens of maps. 
  • Eliminate: Take down turrets and other hazards that are determined to stop you. Destroy them to unlock new cars, weapons, armor, and gadgets, and leave the evil AI Helios in ashes.

Chaos on Wheels is revving up its engines to launch in Early Access via Steam on October 19th. Wanting to meet up with fellow Chaos Crew members? Be sure to join the official Discord and wishlist the game on Steam to keep up with all the latest Chaos on Wheels updates.

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About Acodeon Games

Acodeon is an independent game development studio founded in beautiful Croatia. Their journey began in 2020 with the idea of merging their three passions - programming, art, and gaming. In 2020, they dropped out of college with the dream of breaking through the game development industry. At the very beginning, they were two friends who realized that they could link their passion for games to a career. Over time they have grown and now they are a young team passionate about creating games that people can truly enjoy playing.

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