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Triple Take coming to Steam on October 6th. Also, the official trailer is revealed.

Official trailer has us doing multiple takes at how exciting it is.
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Oulu, Finland – August 2022 – Triple Take: a game by FlyAway will be released in 2022. The demo is available on Steam.  


Launch date reveal trailer:


Triple Take is a series of unexpected experiences in the form of a fast 2D precision platformer where the level evolves as you complete it! Run, wall jump, climb and swim through increasingly difficult levels in (un)vibrantly colored worlds! 


When you start any level for the first time, it might seem to be almost too easy to beat, but the levels evolve when you play further. Every time you beat any level, the level changes somehow and you need to play it again. Three times. Triple Take. Ok, you got it. This makes completing levels… difficult. Jumps become more difficult, new threats reveal themselves, and new pathways open up! Difficult.


Main features

  • Three variations of each level

  • 5 worlds and over 50+ levels

  • Boss fights!

  • Different worlds are shaded a different color

  • Includes an amazing OST by Tobias Roberts


“Triple Take introduces some really surprising game design ideas that left us stunned at first sight”, an anonymous person from Bonus Stage Publishing states, and continues: “Oh, and I need to add that speedrunning this game will be absolutely hilarious to watch.”


Discover the real truth of the game. But be careful, it might not be happy to be discovered. Oh, and this is also a horror game. I almost forgot to mention that. 


Triple Take is on Steam to be wishlisted and followed now:

About the Developer

FlyAway is a British developer focused on innovative ways of storytelling within games, Currently working on their new title: Triple Take. Triple Take originally started as a game jam entry, which evolved into a precision platformer with a meta-horror story telling element.

About the Publisher: 

Bonus Stage Publishing was established in 2019 in Finland. They have published games like Sunblaze, Warshmallows, and JANITOR BLEEDS. The company is publishing ten indie games every year. 




Steam page:

Triple Take Presskit:

Bonus Stage Publishing website:

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