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Trailblazing creators’ platform Ludo launches iconic new function for game developers and designers unveils icon search feature and makes   its platform accessible to all with new free tier
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10 November 2021, [Seattle]: has announced the launch of a groundbreaking icon search feature, a tool that uses cutting edge AI technology to enable users to quickly source and review all mobile game icons. With the new addition of a free tier, Ludo’s icon search is now available to everyone, providing fresh inspiration for game developers to design their own icon.
The new icon search feature is facilitated by Ludo’s AI - giving users a detailed view of each icon, what filters are in place, and cross-referencing this across multiple online game storefronts. Expertly created to support users, whether game developers beginning their journey or independent studios looking for inspiration on iconography, the icon search feature pulls from Ludo’s impressive database of over a million different published apps that are live on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Searches can be refined even more with seven unique filters, offering a look at games of a specific genre, by release date, art style, platforms it’s available on, stores it’s available on, colours used and even top-performing apps. 
As well as the new icon search, Ludo uses state of the art machine learning and natural language processing to instantly suggest game ideas and mechanics, review gaming trends, and more, on-demand - helping to inspire developers and creators. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or imagery and Ludo quickly returns multiple written game concepts, artwork and images, by analyzing its growing database of 1.2 million games and over four million images. Following the introduction of a new free tier, Ludo’s platform is now accessible for free, with paid tiers being available to help businesses to expand the toolset and its functionality.
Arguably the front cover of a game, players judge an icon’s appearance and often decide whether to play a game because of it. The main purpose of a game icon is to not only appeal to potential users but to give an accurate representation of a title, drawing players in and alluding to the experience on offer. With roughly one in five apps being games on the Apple App Store alone, there is an expansive market to compete within. First impressions count more than ever, as games can be published and lost within the flurry of the market. 
Tom Pigott, CEO and Founder of Ludo says “Our exciting new icon search feature came as an addition to our image search, following feedback from our users. We are excited to now be able to help facilitate icon design on Ludo. We found that the relevancy and impact that an icon can have for a game is just as important as the game itself - it gives those searching an idea of what’s in store if they choose to play. 
“Ludo is offering our icon search function, as well as other key tools including the latest trends, gamestorming and image search, within our new free tier. We’re helping to create a centralised toolbox for game design and ideation, adding another string to the bows of our users.”
With the launch of the icon search feature, Ludo aims to support developers to create unique icons for games. Those who work in smaller studios, or even independently, may not have the resources or time for professional icon design that is available to larger studios. Ludo’s toolkit provides many tools that can benefit these studios and indie developers, supporting them to deliver hit games to a high standard.  
Ludo combines a non-bias search engine, a library of over 1.2 million games and ways to collate research and inspiration, all in one place. Ludo offers a free subscription tier including the icon search feature, alongside many excellent features for game development, design and research. You can find out more at or contact Ludo on Twitter.  
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Toby Pearce, Account Executive, [email protected]
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About Ludo
Created by Jet Play, Ludo (Latin for I play) is the product of a global team of AI PhD’s and game developers. The platform uses artificial intelligence to help game design teams create original game concepts based on the inputs they provide. Ludo analyzes these inputs against its database of 1.2 million games and 4 million images to provide near-instant inspiration with new ideas.  Ludo also integrates with app stores to analyze their charts and streamlines the game design process with features such as automated game design document creation.  Learn more by visiting
About JetPlay
Founded by seasoned tech entrepreneur Tom Pigott, Jet Play is a dynamic, globally distributed creative studio that develops mobile casual games. Jet Play’s AI and games development engineers have, as well as developing their own games, been creating an ideation platform that aids the game development process.

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