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Tickets, Please! Aerosoft and PeDePe Officially Announce City Bus Manager, the Tycoon that Lets You to Operate, Improve and Master Bus Routes Anywhere on Planet Earth!

Build a Bus Depot, Improve Real-Life Bus Networks or Create your Own. Expand and Maintain your Public Transport Empire anywhere in the World, from New York City to Metro Manila or in Your Very Own Backyard!
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Watch the Announcement Trailer here, and wishlist the game on Steam today!


Paderborn, Germany - August 12th, 2022: Bus simulation masters and three-brother development team PeDePe alongside seasoned veterans Aerosoft are proud to reveal their next project: City Bus Manager! The Tycoon puts players in control of Bus Routes anywhere on Earth. Check out the City Bus Manager’s Steam store page here, and don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist!


Watch the brand new announcement trailer here


City Bus Manager lets players take on the role of a depot manager: build and upgrade your very own bus company in any town or city worldwide, all with real map data from OpenStreetMap. Take ownership of current routes, improve them, and direct traffic to important hotspots and landmarks. Set up reliable timetables and ticket prices, keep your buses clean, your staff engaged and your passengers happy!


By using real data to simulate passenger behavior and route travel times, players will have complete knowledge of their customers’ requirements; and with a plethora of bus depot buildings and rooms available for construction, from garages and washing stations to kitchens and restrooms for staff, the power to become the #1 bus company in town is in your hands!


Key Features:

  • Play in every city worldwide (except China)
  • Real satellite data, bus stops and POIs from OpenStreetMap
  • Create your own routes in your city
  • Trace your buses live with realistic passenger volume and route plan
  • Build your very own depot
  • Maintain your buses with spare parts management, washing and repair stations
  • 20 different bus models (including custom repaints)
  • Manage your employees and hire reliable and experienced staff
  • Service Center with ticket sales
  • Passenger feedback and reviews
  • Extensive Techtree


“With seven years of experience already under our belt, we felt like it was time to set our sights on something bigger. We wanted to create a game that surpassed our expectations and that both fans of simulations but also newcomers could play and fall in love with” said Niklas Polster, co-founder at PeDePe. “That’s why we’re proud, as three brothers working on a shared goal, to finally announce City Bus Manager to the world. Get your tickets ready!”


“PeDePe has consistently delivered great add-ons to our simulation games in the past, so enabling the team to develop their first complete indie game project was the logical next step,” said Maarten Janello, Product Manager at Aerosoft. “Following City Bus Manager’s development has been a real treat, so we really can’t wait to get players involved. We are extremely curious to see what everyone will say!”


City Bus Manager is set for release later this year for Steam on PC. The game will be available to play in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese (pinyin). To never miss a stop, visit PeDePe’s website here, or follow them on their socials via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Check out the press kit with logos and screenshots here


About Aerosoft:


With more than 30 employees and more than 50 free developers worldwide as well as numerous co-operations, Aerosoft is one of the leading software manufacturers and publishers worldwide in the field of simulation games today. Thanks to its strong distribution partners in Europe, South America and the USA, Aerosoft today generates more than 50% of its sales abroad. The high quality standard of the products is repeatedly proven by international awards and a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%. The Aerosoft online shop currently offers one of the largest PC simulation ranges in the world, with nearly 1.000 products.


For more information, visit their official website.


About PeDePe:


PeDePe GbR was founded in 2015 in a small town by Lake Constance, Germany, when three brothers decided to turn their shared passion into a professional game development studio. As experienced software engineers and architects, the brothers pooled their skills together to create realistic economy systems in games, focusing on enhancing reality on Bus Simulation games. Starting their successful career with add-ons to OMSI 2, including the Bus Company Simulator, OmniNavigation and Control Center Simulation, the team quickly became a favorite amongst fans.


PeDePe are now setting their sights onto something even bigger, the release of their first full game, City Bus Manager, releasing in 2022. Visit their website here.

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