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The kitten needs your help! Help the kitty survive in the concrete jungle.

Meow-t now.
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「A Street Cat’s Tale」

The Heartwarming Story of a Kitten

Available Today (Thursday, April 28th)

on PlayStation®4!

- This lonely kitty’s story is coming from the heart of the cold city straight to PlayStation!

- A touching story of a kitty and all of its friends

- Worldwide release scheduled for Thursday, April 28th, 2022 on PlayStation®4


Game publisher CFK would like to announce that the adventure game, A Street Cat’s Tale will be released to the world today (Thursday, April 28th, 2022) on PlayStation®4.

A Street Cat’s Tale is an adventure game about a kitten alone in the big city without its mother, featuring adorable retro graphics and a heartwarming story told by a wide cast of characters.

A little kitten, alone in the big city

Players will take control of our motherless kitten and adventure through the streets in search of food. The players’ goal is to navigate the dangers of the city, cars and humans included, as they try to safely reach feline adulthood.


● The first goal is survival

Our kitten stumbles into the dangerous heart of the city. Humans and cats alike have made this city their home, but that doesn’t mean that this place is filled with kindness. Our kitten must search for food, whether that be by hunting down rats or rummaging through garbage cans. However, our little kitty must figure out which things are edible and which aren’t.


Make new friends and acquaintances

All sorts of humans and animals live together in this city our kitten calls home. Your first meeting with these characters may be strange as you don’t know what might happen, but if you keep on interacting with them and building your relationship, you may get the help you need to survive.


Other street cats don’t treat our kitten very kindly.


On first meeting the humans, faces and voices may seem unfamiliar.

Every NPC the kitten meets has his or her own story. If you can get close enough to them, maybe they’ll share those stories with you. Surviving on the streets is important, but making friends may be one way to accomplish that goal. Depending on how strong the bond, one of these characters may even make the kitty part of their family.


● The player’s choices will determine our kitten’s fate

This game features a story driven by the player’s choices, so the ending of our kitten’s story will depend on your style of play. Help our lonely kitten protagonist survive the big city, grow into a full-fledged adult, and reach the best possible ending!


A Street Cat’s Tale, a touching story told by a kitten and its friends, is being officially released on PlayStation®4 today (Thursday, April 28th, 2022). This game can also be enjoyed on PlayStation®5.

● Trailer

● Screenshots

Product info.

Title: A Street Cat’s Tale

Platform PlayStation®4, PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch

Genre: Adventure

Release date: Thursday, April 28th, 2022

Price: $7.99

Supported players: 1 player

Supported languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional)

Publisher: CFK

Copyright information: ©2022 Feemodev All rights reserved. Published by CFK.

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