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From May 25-31, celebrate female developers, protagonists and stories in support of the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund, shaping the next generation of game creators
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May 25, 2023The Indie Houses, a collection of seven indie publishers around the world working together to make industry knowledge more accessible and support the wider indie gaming community, today kicks off its second-ever digital event, this time hosted on Steam in partnership with Girls Make Games to support the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund (GMGSF).

Running from May 25-31, The Indie Houses Steam Event is a weeklong celebration of women in gaming, highlighting over 60 great games featuring women-led development teams and/or female protagonists. The event page will include demos and discounts from a selection of titles, as well as a section dedicated to Girls Make Games, the program’s work, and games girls have created through it.

The Indie Houses Steam Event will also raise money and awareness for the Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund. A portion of the proceeds earned by each publisher during the event will be donated to the GMGSF, which combines professional development and financial support to ensure underrepresented students have the opportunity to access STEAM programs at an early age.

Since 2014, Girls Make Games has created a space for girls and non-binary students to explore and learn about the world of video games through summer camps, workshops and more. To date, over 23,000 girls in nearly 150 cities across 20 countries have participated in its programs. To learn more, visit

About The Indie Houses

The Indie Houses is an international collective of publishers (Akupara Games, Fellow Traveller, Neon Doctrine, Raw Fury, Those Awesome Guys, Toge Productions, Whitethorn Games) composed of games industry veterans. Between the seven publishers and our developers, we span multiple continents, languages, genres and points of view.

We believe in collectively supporting the growth of one another through education, encouragement, collaboration, transparency and opportunity. We combine our experiences with forward-thinking vision, and believe in treating others in our field as friends and collaborators instead of as counterparts or obstacles. Our indies-for-indies attitude means we prefer to focus on the open sharing of knowledge and resources rather than cutthroat competition.

The work we do is intended not only to elevate ourselves and our developers, but the status of indie games across the board. We foster a collaborative and friendly relationship with other developers and publishers both within and outside of our organization. Join us on our journey to make games a friendlier, more inclusive place for everyone.

About Girls Make Games

Since 2014, Girls Make Games (GMG), a program from the educational media company LearnDistrict Inc., has been providing STEAM development programs to girls and non-binary students worldwide who are interested in gaining skills required to enter the video game industry. GMG’s vision is to increase the number of girls and women in the gaming industry by empowering underrepresented talent ages 8 to 24 to enter STEAM fields through their passion for play and game design. Girls Make Games Scholarship Fund (GMGSF) is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in North Carolina. GMGSF provides financial assistance to qualifying students - girls, women, and non-binary students aged 8 to 24 - so they can access educational opportunities such as game development summer camps, workshops, and higher education degrees.

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