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The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia leaves early access phase along with two new DLCs!

Lightweight turn-based grand strategy title celebrates full release on Steam with expansion content, new systems, and game discount!
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Official version trailer:

April 14, 2022 - The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia, the JRPG-style turn-based grand strategy title developed by Hongshou Studios and published by Pixmain, graduates to version 1.0 today following more than a year in early access. The update introduces a host of adjustments and improvements to the game, including a new technology tree system, a modified battle mode, and a raft of exciting gameplay content. A new paid DLC will also launch alongside the update, including "Yan and Kaze" and "Ikaris and Herricido", allowing players to experience an even grander and more expansive fantasy game world.

Game Introduction
Lay out your grand strategy on the land of Eagarlnia, where humans, elves, orcs, dwarves, and the undead each battle out a corner of land. Manage your territories by navigating complex decisions and grow your economy.

Major updates in the full release:

The technology tree system

Original faction characteristics have now been replaced by all-new faction-specific technology trees. These technology trees include buffs and special effects for actions such as troops, investment, public sentiment, fortification, and destruction, as well as the unlocking of special equipment for advanced arms. Players can use skill points to unlock the technology tree by advancing rounds, investing in city size, and completing heroic missions. In addition, dedicated technology tree logic for AI has also been designed.

Value adjustment

The strength of each hero has been adjusted in order to maximize their diversity and to give each one a more distinct role. Numerical adjustments to the soldiers of the imperial forces have also been made.

Battle Changes
Following player feedback regarding battlefield gameplay and visibility, battles have now been switched from 6V6 to 5V5. In addition, the number of soldiers available to the hero has been reduced from 5 to 4 per level, further minimizing the potential for chaos during a battle.

New Content & DLCs
An all-new force composed of wild heroes has been added, known as the "Western Liberty Army", as well as 10 new cities, 24 new equipment items, 12 passive skills, 10 active skills, and 18 effects.

A new paid DLC is launching at the same time, which includes 4 new factions, 32 new heroes, 52 new troop types, and 13 new cities.

Other Optimizations
Many heroes with similar faces have been removed, resulting in a more varied pool of portraits and preventing players from recruiting a large number of similar heroes. Adjustments have also been made to loading screens, which now show the stories and backgrounds of the powers and heroes.

Two Brand New Major DLCs:

Yan and Kaze

Yan Empire, a country located in the north of the Land of Laud, was established by the Xuanhuangs. Since then, it has experienced the rule three dynasties (Yuan, Sang, and Huan) before finally arriving at the Dynasty of Yan. In 223, the Eslotian Empire was in a state of chaos and the south of the Land of Laud fell into war. The emperor appointed Wu Bai as the leader responsible for quelling the conflict. In response, he led two armies down to the south under the guise of suppressing the invaders and protecting the territory. However, his true aim was to open up the territory and unify all of Eagarlnia.

Kaze is located on Fuku Kakalu Island, in the west of the Land of Laud. Originally a refuge for Onmyoji Quan Qi of the Sang Kingdom to escape his sins, his children built the Xuan Kingdom after his death. However, following over 100 years of peace, Ken Kingdom eventually fell into war. Princess Baihe took the opportunity to become queen, changing her family name to Kamizumi while also changing the country's name to 'Wind'. Since control of the Wind Kingdom was passed to the current queen, Bifang, conflict between the royal family and the privilege of Onmyoji has become increasingly serious. Consequently, Queen Bifang sent both generals and her own children to the west of the Land of Laud, attempting to uncover the origins of the country and solve the current crisis.

Yan and Kaze DLC includes the following exciting additions:
- Two new eastern forces: the Kingdom of Yan and the Kingdom of Wind.
- Two new leaders: Wu Bai, the Grand Commander of the south; Queen Bifang, from the Kingdom of Wind.
- 16 new heroes, including two new leaders.
- New stories for the factions and heroes.
- New areas: 7 new cities, including each faction's initial city and the areas that can be captured.
- 26 new troop types with eastern characteristics, including "Hu Ben, "Dragon Gallop", "Onmyoji", and "Storm Ninja".

Ikaris and Herricido

Ikaris, created by the Light Elves and located on the Titan Mountains, is also known as the Ikaris Spirit. As the guardians of Eagarlnia, the Light Elves were almost exterminated during the First Recovery War, leaving only a brave few under the leadership of Cagarellon. They were sheltered by the Elf Queen Delantis, and almost became a part of the Lanlerner Elves, but those among them who were proficient in magic were finally able to recover their lost country, Akaris. After the restoration of the country, they continued to safeguard the land and made huge sacrifices during the Second Recovery War, winning the respect of many in the process. Now that Eagarlnia is once again in chaos, the Light Elves have taken on the mission of guarding the land once more.

The Kanaphlion Elves, who reside underground in Herricido, are distinct from the Samuel Elves. As followers of Aldis, they treat his unexplained absence as a betrayal, and are determined to hold the cultrips accountable. They achieve success through cunning and tactfulness, earning a living throughout the land of Eagarlnia as spies, assassins, and other such clandestine entities. As war rages across Eagarlnia, now is the time to expand their power and usher in an era that belongs to them.

Ikaris and Herricido DLC introduces the following new content:
- Two new spirit factions featuring light and dark properties: Ikaris and Herisidor.
- Two new leaders: Cagarellon Green Sky, leader of Ikaris; Arum Ericant, queen of Herricido
- 16 new heroes.
- New stories for the factions and heroes, as well as their connections to the original spirit factions.
- New areas: 6 new cities, including each faction's initial city and the areas that can be captured.
- "Mage of Light", "Silver Moon Knight", "Blade of Dread", "Reaper of Souls" and 26 other new spirit units with light and dark characteristics.

The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia is on full release on Steam for 25% off for a week at $12.99, the two DLCs will be also on sale at 10% off for a week at $5.99. Follow game updates and giveaways on our Discord and Twitter.

Press kit and assets available here.
Press contact: [email protected] 

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