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The full version of Best Forklift Operator has launched. A new forklift and Arcade mode are coming to the game

Fullest and supremest version released.
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Developers from Setapp and publishers from Gamedust are proud to announce that the world premiere of the full version of Best Forklift Operator is taking place today. The game, which allows you to play in a standard mode (on a flat screen with a selected controller) or on VR goggles, received a new update today, which introduces, among other things, another forklift and a new arcade gameplay mode. To celebrate the release, the developers also prepared a new trailer, which can be seen below:

Best Forklift Operator - Launch Trailer:

Continued development of Best Forklift Operator

This April, Best Forklift Operator was released in Early Access. Since then, the game has become even more immersive, allowing players to feel like they are a real forklift operator. Thanks to the engagement of the community and developers, the game has gained a number of important new features in recent months, such as support for steering wheels, controllers, and more models of VR goggles. A variety of new elements have also been introduced. These include forklifts and warehouses. Thus, today, on the release day of Best Forklift Operator, players get at their hands a fully polished title that offers a great deal of fun.

New features in the premiere patch

Debuting version 1.00 of Best Forklift Operator introduces brand new elements to the game. One of them is a new forklift, so players currently have four vehicles at their service. Another new addition is the Arcade mode "Make a mess!". This one will task players not with stacking loads in the right places, but with making as big a mess as possible!

Starting today, Best Forklift Operator also offers the opportunity to compete with other players. This is because the game is officially supported by Steam Leaderboards, so you can compare your results with players from all over the world, fighting for the highest ranking. A significant novelty is also the addition of support for Steam Achievements. Earn as many of them as possible and prove that you are the best forklift operator!

Players who purchased Best Forklift Operator during Early Access will still have access to the game and will be able to upgrade to version 1.00 for free. Others can purchase the game through the game's card on Steam.

If you are interested in getting access to Best Forklift Operator for editorial purposes, contact us via email: [email protected].

Useful links:
Best Forklift Operator – Steam
Best Forklift Operator – launch trailer
Gamedust – Website
Gamedust – Twitter
Gamedust – Discord
Setapp – Website

About Gamedust:

Gamedust is a studio based in Poznań, Poland, which actively explores the possibility of using the latest technologies to create games. The studio has succeeded in the VR Market and grew to become one of the most capable indie development studios on the market. They can craft a hit, regardless if it’s Steam, PlayStation, VR, or even Switch! Gamedust's productions were delivered to the users of the most important platforms of virtual reality: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Due to the ambitious approach, Gamedust developers are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions and are open to new challenges.

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