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Part 3 stuck to its guns and launched on Steam.
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What choices would you make during a Zombie Apocalypse? Find out and persevere through thick and thin with Jack or Karen in Perseverance: Part 3 OUT NOW on Steam! 15% LAUNCH DISCOUNT


Blood, zombies, drama and juicy, juicy gossip. Those are all the things we’ve come to expect from the drama/ horror visual novel series Perseverance. In Part 1, we've met Jack, the father struggling to keep his family together, and in Part 2 we've put ourselves in the shoes of the calculated assassin femme fatale, Karen. This time their paths converge, and it’s up to you whose destiny you want to take a hold of. Choose carefully, and don’t take your finger off the pulse, there’s over 200 more, equally important decisions where that came from, and you have to live with their consequences.

Watch the trailer and get hungry for drama in this finale to the Perseverance series! Head to Steam now, and grab a copy before the discount ends!

Feardemic is here with another horror release. This time it is the finale to the beloved drama/ horror visual novel series Perseverance, OUT NOW with a 15% OFF LAUNCH DISCOUNT. For Part 3 in the series, the paths of protagonists from the previous Perseverance entries intertwine and you can choose who to play as. Will you be the good-natured family man, Jack Cutter, or cut and shoot through your problems as the mysterious and lethal secret agent, Karen? One thing's for sure, no matter whichever one you pick, your playthrough will be full of blood, drama and difficult, impactful choices. The question remains though, will you be able to live with their consequences?

Start now, head to the Perseverance: Part 3 page to grab it with a 15% launch discount, and jump right back into the stories of Jack and Karen!

About Perseverance: Part 3

Perseverance: Part 3 is the latest and final episode of the drama/ horror visual novel series where the only thing juicier than the gossip are the guts being spilled left and right.

During your playthrough, you’ll have over 200 decisions to make and they will all influence how the plot progresses, so choose wisely. Will you help save humanity from the zombie outbreak or will you take the selfish path and save yourself and those dearest to you? No choice is a wrong choice but think through each and every step or you may just step off a cliff.

The Perseverance series draws from stories like “Night of the Living Dead”, “28 Days Later”, “Blindness”, “Revivals” and most of all – “The Walking Dead”. The main goal of the series is to show the drama of individuals in the face of terrifying events.

 DOUBLE TROUBLE - Play as Karen or Jack
 TWO SIDES OF THE COIN - See the story from 2 vastly different perspectives
 CHOICE PARALYSIS - Over 200 decisions to make. No pressure.
 REAP WHAT YOU SOW - Every choice has its consequences. Will you be able to live with them?

If you'd like to know more about the game, please visit the developer's page or the publisher's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. You can also join their Discord server.
If you'd like to receive a review copy, please contact Diana Biszczanik at [email protected].
About Feardemic:
Feardemic Games sp. z o.o. is a publisher of computer games and related entertainment products that focuses on the horror genre. Feardemic’s mission is to deliver to its audience quality entertainment experiences that evoke the most interesting and what some believe to be the most important of human emotions: fear, trepidation, and revulsion. These are the feelings that keep us safe and warn us of impending disaster, and in turn frame our understanding of joy, elation, and happiness.

Feardemic is a full-service publisher and investor in intellectual property and game development studios. Feardemic is a subsidiary of Bloober Team SA and is based in Europe’s cultural capital – Krakow, Poland!

About Titanite Novels:
Titanite Novels are a part of the independent development studio Titanite Games, which focuses on creating visual novels. Their debut game was the first part of the Perseverance series which has quickly gathered a sizable group of fans. The studio is currently focused on finishing the third part of the saga.

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