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The Being Home Alone With You is Worse Than Death triple-pack is no joke!

Available now for pre-order from Limited Run Games
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(For immediate release)
(August 16, 2022 — Toronto, Canada) Veteran game developer BancyCo is teaming up once again with Limited Run Games to release the Being Home Alone With You is Worse Than Death triple-pack on Nintendo Switch!
This physical release celebrates the first 10 years of BancyCo, with notable indie games Home: Postmortem Edition, Alone With You, and Worse Than Death preserved for fans and collectors on a single Nintendo Switch game card. It features packaging specially designed by the games’ creators — including a fully reversible cover and a printed manual.
Available for Pre-order Now!

Players can pre-order this jam-packed physical Switch release right now until September 18!

Ten Years’ Worth of Indie Classics

Home: Postmortem Edition is the ultimate version of the now-classic 2D horror game in which players construct their own story with their actions. Its unique Postmortem Mode is an interactive developer commentary — one that adapts to the game’s ever-shifting, player-driven narrative, and provides unique insights for both players and budding game developers.
Alone With You is a multi-award-nominated sci-fi adventure game that blends exploration, conversation choices, and deep lore to create a tale that “latches onto your heart and never lets go” (Destructoid). Set in the tragic last days of a crumbling space colony, players in Alone With You will tackle love, loss, and what it means to be human.
Worse Than Death completes BancyCo’s original trilogy with a tense, heart-thumping trip to the scariest event on Earth — your high school reunion! Players must solve devious puzzles, hide in the shadows, and run for their lives from unseen terrors in this gripping, side-scrolling horror title. Winner of terror tome Rue Morgue’s “Best Indie Game” award upon its release, Worse Than Death takes the studio’s love of weaving gameplay and narrative closely together to frightening new heights.
About BancyCo
BancyCo is a Toronto-based, independent videogame studio founded by Benjamin Rivers and Nancy Yeung. We've developed and published critically acclaimed games for consoles, PC, and iOS since 2012. Formerly known as Benjamin Rivers (Inc).
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