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Tall Story Games is excited to announce that Return To Monkey Island star Dominic Armato has joined the cast for its new game Lucy Dreaming .

Return To Monkey Island star Dominic Armato joins the cast.
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Dominic recording lines for Lucy Dreaming from his closet in Arizona.
Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:
Lucy Dreaming is a hilarious journey through a young girl's recurring nightmares. A point & click adventure heavily inspired by writer and developer Tom Hardwidge's childhood love of classic LucasArts games like Monkey Island.

Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:

Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:
What began as Tom’s dream to have the voice of Guybrush Threepwood himself play a role in his own adventure game became reality when he and his wife Emma nervously approached Dominic and he said yes. Dominic was keen to return to voice acting too.
“People tell me they don’t understand why I haven’t worked on other games over the past decade,” Dominic explains. “The truth is, nobody asked! I was thrilled that Tom and Emma were able to make it happen. And a quirky love letter to graphic adventures like Lucy Dreaming felt like just the right opportunity to jump back in.”
Now a successful dining critic, he didn’t realise at the time that his former career was about to be reignited, not only by Lucy Dreaming but also Return to Monkey Island six months later.

Dominic’s character (right) can be seen writing a review for the local pub.
Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:
Tom Hardwidge says “It was a dream come true when Dom agreed to get involved in the game. We wrote a character just for him, inspired by his career as a dining critic. It’s been amazing to work with someone who is so much a part of adventure game history and my own childhood.”

Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:
Lucy Dreaming is due for release later this year after overfunding on Kickstarter back in 2021, and a 30-60 minute spoiler-free demo is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.
About Lucy Dreaming
Imagine the classic Monkey Island crossed with Blackadder and Monty Python. Lucy Dreaming’s nostalgic pixel-art and sarcastic sense of humour take you on a hilarious adventure through dreams and reality. Along the way you’ll explore unique environments, meet extraordinary characters and solve logical puzzles as you unlock the secrets of dream control and unearth the disturbing truth behind Lucy’s recurring nightmares.

Download high-res screenshots, artwork and photos here:
About Tall Story Games
Lucy Dreaming is the first commercial title produced by Tall Story Games, and a completely new venture for Tom and Emma, the husband and wife founders whose background is digital marketing and web development.
Based in Shropshire, England they now specialise in narrative-driven games with a strong focus on engaging stories, well-developed characters and, above all, a good sense of humour.
Tall Story Games has already created a series of shorter titles which have been very well received within the adventure game community.
Hair of the Dog was produced in just 12 days for a game jam and has since been downloaded over 20,000 times on desktop and mobile. The short game follows a member of the Victorian gentry as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of his uncle.
Lockdown, is a web-based point & click game featuring a virologist balancing her work, parenting and homeschooling whilst confined to her home during the COVID pandemic.
In 2019, they produced Where’s my Cloak? As a commission for the Roman Baths Museum in Bath, England. This was the team’s first adventure game project, and was the catalyst that brought them to where they are now.
For more information contact Emma Hardwidge
Email:                          [email protected]
Telephone:                   +44(0)77 33 11 31 73 / +44(0)1952 882342
Social media:               Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  YouTube

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