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Take Time to Consider… ONLINE!

Friends can play KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE in private rooms in this significant update!
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TOKYO, JAPAN - August 1st, 2022: G-MODE Corporation announces the latest launch in the KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! series. KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! has already been played by over 10 million people and the new version goes online, allowing players to consider situations with friends worldwide and adding a new dynamic to the quirky series.


Up to seven players can join to consider various situations in KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! Online. From mundane situations like doodling an appropriate outfit for a party to more culturally complex cases such as where one should stand when entering a crowded train, KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! Online lets you decide the best way to react. Players submit answers and then vote on which they like the best. At the end of the session, the player with the most points is named the “Most Considerate Person!”

How considerate, or inconsiderate, can you be?

Private Room Feature Added!

In the August 1st update (Ver. 1.2.0), "Private Rooms" have been added. By using "Room Tickets" you can become the Room Master and invite other players to your exclusive room. The invited players can enter the room by entering the "Room ID". Room tickets can be used to set up a dedicated room for 24 hours from the time the ticket is used.

To celebrate Private Rooms feature, we are giving away Room Tickets to all players! Room Tickets will be distributed free of charge as a login bonus, so be sure to log in to claim yours! This is your chance to test how “considerate” you are with your family, friends, and players worldwide.

Join the KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE Official Community!

With this being the first version of KUUYYOMI: Consider It to support online play, we are paying particular attention to feedback from our dedicated community. We will be listening to see what aspects of the game they find interesting or what they think is missing. We will implement the best suggestions we receive from the Steam community and Discord during the Early Access period. We would love to hear your passionate comments!

KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE Steam® Community

KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE Discord


KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE Overview


Title: KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! ONLINE
Genre: Party
Number of players: One player, up to 7 online

Early access start: June 20, 2022
Full version: Under development

Price during Early Access:
Free (with in-game items)
Full version: TBD

Supported languages Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean



About G-MODE Corporation

A game content planner and developer that operates mainly in the PC and mobile content markets. It is also engaged in the licensing business of "Data East" titles that have gained popularity in arcades and consumer game consoles. In 2018, the company newly started a publishing business of its titles and indie creator titles for consumer game consoles, including Nintendo Switch™.

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For media inquiries regarding this matter, please contact:
G-mode Corporation Public Relations, Advertising, and Liaison Group
E-mail: [email protected]

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