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T3 Arena Lights it Up With Game Changing Season Two Release

New heroes, maps, modes, and more available now on iOS and Android
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August 4th, 2022 - Multiplayer hero shooter T3 Arena has released Lights On, an electrifying season two update that’s available today on iOS and Android. Yaa, the latest playable character, leaps into the arena alongside four new maps, revamped game modes, and more.

Four new maps have entered the arena that are not only the largest and most complex maps to date, they also greatly impact the gameplay going forward. Each map will be tied to one mode, with maps like Temple Ruins being a part of Crystal Assault and Chinatown tied to Payload Race. Each map offers a new tactical advantage, with Temple Ruins featuring glass platforms that allows players to see enemies from above or below. 

An expert in track and field, Yaa races onto the scene with an emphasis on agility. Utilize her gale pistol to swiftly attack enemies with wind-based ammo. In addition to her own active and passive abilities, Yaa has two ultimate abilities, one of which being Breezeblast where she can turn into an invincible tornado and sweep through enemies (need to stand out to blow the competition away, right?). 

Many game modes have also received some revamped mechanisms. For example, each Payload Escort match will now pack two rounds per game, where each team will swap between attack and defense sides. Changes like these will offer a new layer of team strategy that makes fast-paced matches more unpredictable than ever.
T3 Arena is also expected to introduce a new competitive ranked mode in a future update.

T3 Arena and the Lights On update are available now on iOS and Android! To play with like-minded fans, players can join their Discord server. For more details on T3 Arena, follow the game on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A link to the press kit can be found here.

Features List:

  • Fast-paced shooting actions

  • Choose from over 20 characters and level them up to unlock unique skills

  • 7 unique game modes across 19 maps

  • Casual and competitive game modes

  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger teamwork


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TapTap is a game distribution platform founded in 2016 with the mission to bring game developers and gamers closer together. With its 0 service fee business model and over 70 million registered users, TapTap has helped countless talented developers launch their projects, and helped even more gamers discover great content. By 2021, TapTap has exceeded 48.15 million in monthly active users and accounted for over 808 million annual game downloads. 


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