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Explore a new Dunj and make new romantic connections! ❤️⚔️
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MONTREAL, AUGUST 17, 2022 - Kitfox Games are blushing to announce that Boyfriend Dungeon: Secret Weapons, a substantial free update for Boyfriend Dungeon, is out today for free on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows 10, the Epic Games Store, and Steam! To celebrate, Boyfriend Dungeon is also on sale for $14.99 USD for a limited time on Nintendo Switch and Steam.  

Launching just a few days past Boyfriend Dungeon’s one-year anniversary, Secret Weapons is the game’s first big update, and it delivers to players the final pieces of content promised in their Kickstarter stretch goals. It will introduce a brand new dungeon to plunder, new romanceable weapons Jonah the Axe, Leah the Hammer, and the mysterious Dr. Holmes the Whip to Boyfriend Dungeon. Dr. Holmes is also the new dungeon’s final boss and she/they were designed by CEO and Creative Director at Unseen Inc., Ikumi Nakamura, and is voiced by popular content creator and streamer, Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten.

All of the exciting new content in Secret Weapons will be accessible to players who have completed the main campaign of Boyfriend Dungeon or for those who are starting a new game.   

The team is also stoked to share that new poppy music tracks from Marskye, with one track featuring the sweet vocals of Madeleine McQueen, will be added to the game and are also now available to stream or purchase on players’ favorite streaming service or digital music marketplace. 
Listen to “Whipped Into Shape” from Marskye ft. Madeleine McQueen  

About Boyfriend Dungeon
Plunder the dunj as you fend off dangerous monsters and take your weapons on romantic dates. Woo your weapons in this flirty, playful, and welcoming world filled with mastery in the procedurally generated dungeon. Serving up a dose of summer-time fling nostalgia, take your dates out as you uncover their stories and level them up. Embark on blossoming relationships with your weapon cuties as you capture their hearts in friendship and in love. In this light-hearted, fantastical shack-and-slash filled with adventure, improve your skills and fend off the monsters together because the couple that slays together, stays together.
Key Features
  • Date up to nine weapons, from dancing swords to heart-piercing daggers
  • Generated action-combat dunj and challenges! Stay sharp!
  • Various combat styles. For example, hit hard and dodge quickly with the dagger, or take on crowds with Lasersaber
  • Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality, including male, female, and non-binary romance
For more information about Boyfriend Dungeon, visit For more information about the developer, visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

For special interview requests, get in touch with [email protected].

For all the screenshots, gifs, and good boys, check out the press kit.

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About Kitfox Games
A scrappy Canadian games studio focused on creating dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. The Kitfox co-founders are Tanya Short (Designer) and Xin Ran Liu (Artist). They started working together in 2013 on Shattered Planet with the gracious support of the Execution Labs incubator, and officially incorporated in 2014. Games developed: Lucifer Within Us, Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, The Shrouded Isle... and more! Publishing: Mossfield OriginsDwarf Fortress, Six Ages... and more!

[email protected]

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