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Stylish Japanese Dungeon Crawler 'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' Coming To Steam, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Japanese art and folklore inspired dungeon crawler headed our way.
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PQube (London, UK) - August 18th, 2022 - PQube and ACQUIRE are excited to announce that Japanese art and folklore inspired dungeon crawler  'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' is coming soon on Steam, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!
  • Uniquely illustrated visuals in hand drawn, jet-black Japanese ink painting
  • Terrifying enemies based on traditional Japanese folklore and Yokai
  • Multiple playable heroes with an option to create/build your own hero with unique individual stats and abilities
  • Strategic turn based battles with various Ink Beasts in the most dangerous areas
  • Engaging narrative and overarching story paired with optional side quests and characters to meet along your journey 
  • Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack based on traditional Japanese music
  • Releasing on Nintendo Switch, Steam & PlayStation 4!
You Can Wishlist Labyrinth of Zangetsu on Steam Right Now:  

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Check out the 'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' Announcement Trailer:
In the fortress city of Ido, you are tasked with travelling the treacherous area, 'Chaingung', overrun by 'The Ink of Ruin'. As one of these selected 'Ink Destroyers', you must fight to conquer the hordes of terrifying Ink Beasts who plague the residents of Ido...
Born from the Ink of Ruin, the Ink Beasts take over the bodies of those they encounter to increase their numbers. Join the band of chosen warriors as they venture out to defeat the Ink Beasts causing this destruction.    

Stunning Uniquely Illustrated Environments...   

Monotone illustrations combined with strikingly beautiful black Japanese ink painting, create an entirely unique and striking art style. As you navigate each labyrinth, your environment illustrates in real time, revealing characters and secret paths...
Explore a variety of underground and aboveground dungeons around the city to hunt for Ink Beasts and cleanse the area.   

Select Your Team, Prepare Them For Battle...    

Carefully select, build and customise a team of warriors to plunge into the depths of Ido's deepest, darkest labyrinths. Customise each character individually, selecting their appearance, adjusting their stats and equipping them with the best weapons and armour you can scavenge.   

Face Demons and Ghosts, Inspired From Japanese Folklore    

Face a wide variety of terrifying Ink Beasts based on traditional Japanese folklore, including demons, yokai and ghosts. Encounter these monsters through enthralling turn-based battles, where your characters positioning is key. Strategically select and organise your team, your three front characters attack the demons while the three back characters defend and parry the enemies attacks.  

An Unwinding Narrative...    

Progress through a deep and immersive story that pairs seamlessly with an atmospheric original soundtrack inspired by traditional Japanese musical scores. 
Investigate the sprawling labyrinths to cleanse Ink Beasts and free the people of Ido. Meet diverse characters along the way, helping who you can and ultimately conquering the nightmarish darkness. 

Physical Editions Available To Pre-Order!    

The Physical Edition of 'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' is available to pre-order from Funstock! Pick up your copy on either PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch using the links below.

PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

'Labyrinth Of Zangetsu' is Coming To Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam!    

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'Labyrinth of Zangetsu' Assets can be Found in the Press Kit:  

Press Kit
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