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Stylish Bullet-Time Metroidvania ‘REDSHOT’ Available Now; Codes Available on Request

Test Your Reflexes in This Stylish Bullet-Time Metrovania
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August 2nd, 2022 — Use quick reflexes and clever strategies to survive REDSHOT, available today on PC.

REDSHOT is a bullet-time Metroidvania where everything is deadly, but you are deadlier. Can you save the royal city from total destruction? Can you do it with style?

After crash landing on a fringe planet on the outer edges of the galaxy, Jack "Goose" Redshot is given a mission to rescue the royal family of the city of Carcosa from a mysterious supernatural invader, who has laid siege to the city and its inhabitants. With over 200 rooms to explore and many weapons, items, and secrets to find, fans of the genre will find a challenging but fair adventure to be had in REDSHOT. Check out the Steam page for more details!

"REDSHOT’s gunplay is a well-polished gem, and a colossal breath of fresh air." Movies, Games, and Tech - Lee Fairweather 8/10


  • Explore a vast nonlinear world
  • Choose your favorite weapons from a multitude of guns and items
  • Use bullet time to outwit over 30 enemy types
  • Discover new upgrades and recruit the denizens of Carcosa
  • Fight over a dozen menacing bosses
  • Uncover secrets dotted all over the map to upgrade your abilities and equipment
  • Befriend AI companions to help you fight your way through the map
  • Replay to test your speed and achieve the highest post-game rating

To find out more, visit: 

Developer Website:

About Brian Lynch:

REDSHOT is the brainchild and first game from the sole indie developer Brian Lynch. A 28-year-old musician and programmer working out of Philadelphia, PA, Brian has been working on the bullet-time metroidvania game REDSHOT for over 7 years after teaching himself how to program and design games. Originally started as a side hobby, he was drawn to game development for its multimedia nature (being a lifelong musician and artist), where all the game art, music, and design could be custom-made to be totally unique and special.

After graduating from Drexel University in 2016 with a degree in Entertainment and Arts Management and a minor in Business, he struggled to find a job in the entertainment industry while balancing his passion for music production and DJing. The odd jobs that did come were few and far between, like writing music for television syndication or playing live gigs and festivals, and didn't pay much. So what started as a part-time hobby in the final years of college became increasingly appealing as a business venture, especially as the pandemic demolished most opportunities in the music industry and his self-taught programming continued to improve. So he eventually decided to finally complete and release his first-ever game REDSHOT, releasing on Steam on August 2nd.

Brian has been an avid gamer for over 20 years since being completely immersed in playing Ocarina of Time back in 1999. His favorite game genres include classic metroidvanias like Metroid and Castlevania, open-world RPGs like the Elder Scrolls, fast-paced shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom, Action RPGs like the souls series, and classic PS2 horror games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. In his spare time, Brian also enjoys reading Gene Wolfe novels, watching Sci-Fi movies, reading manga, making music, painting, and doing 3D design work.

Media Contact
Damien Smith
Indie Bros. on behalf of Brian Lynch.

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