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Stellar Warfare Super-Ships

'Super-Ships' on the menu.
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

Juli 26, 2022: The Dutch game studio Tense Games added Super-Ships to Stellar Warfare last Saturday. These are similar to experimental units as they were in Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation for example. And they pack serious firepower.

Stellar Warfare has been released into early access on August 4 2021 after three years of development. A lot of features have been added to the game since then. There are bi-weekly updates, constant polishing and the occasional quality of life improvement.

Earlier Tense Games already added a feature that allowed Heavy class ships to fire twice as fast to make them more impactful compared to small and medium ships. This came at an additional resource cost for heavy ships. So while the amount of Heavy ships on the battlefield has been decreased by this, the amount of impact they have has been drastically improved.

Other recent additions include new maps, a more polished direct-control mode for ships, and additional artillery structures. A cooperative wave-defense game mode has also been added.


  • Cinematic camera, stunning visuals, epic soundtrack

  • Ship customization

  • 60 ships, 50 weapons and 30 modules to unlock

  • Experimental Super-Ships

  • Building upgrades

  • Direct control mode of units

  • A fully explorable and exploitable 3D environment allows for intricate Combat maneuvers

  • Loads of replay value

  • Cinematic fleet battles

  • 10 ship slots and more than a million ship configurations

  • Base building

  • Resource gathering

  • Pretty flak fields!

  • Multi-player 1v1

  • Multi-player FFA

  • Multi-player Battle Royale

  • Single-player Skirmish

  • Single-player Wave Defense

  • Coop wave defense

  • Loot & customization

Stellar Warfare features a wide variety of single and multiplayer game modes. These include a small singleplayer campaign, a singleplayer skirmish and a singleplayer wave defense mode. There is also a multiplayer skirmish mode, a coop wave defense mode, a base assault mode, a multiplayer battle royale gamemode. The game has been covered by YouTubers such as SplatterCatGaming, Raptor and DiplexHeated.

Streamers and game journalists can contact Tense Games on TenseGames<AT> to get a free copy to try out. The press kit and media pack can be found on on the front page ( Players can support the developer and get ingame rewards by subscribing to the Patreon on The game can be bought and downloaded on The official patch for the mentioned features can be found here:

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