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STARL Metaverse to Launch PALs in Warp Nexus

Physics Altering Lifeforms will guide players in the Nexus!
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Denver, Colorado - Sunday. August 7, 9:00 PM PT, 2022 | The STARL Metaverse team is proud to announce that Physics Altering Lifeforms (PALs) have made their way to the MMO, Warp Nexus. PAL NFTs are your partners and possessing one entitles you to a myriad of benefits: full access to the game forever, exclusive character and ship customizations, enhancements, and STARL Pass Point rewards. Make sure to follow our twitter where we will announce all the updates regarding the sales.

We firmly believe that all players should have an equal playing field and that no one should buy their way to the top. We will not sell any NFTs that give any player an advantage. Considering all this, the idea of a ship’s brain or living core that can transfer from ship to ship came to be. We created the concept of PALs to give players a way to own game assets that can evolve, guide and travel with you through the game without ruining gameplay and fairness. It also introduces massive possibilities in pathways for the game story to explore.
The PAL can transfer to each ship with you as you progress in-game. Players can naturally play the game, level up to more powerful ships, and purchase and own PALs that allow customization and individuality. The PAL becomes your way to travel on all missions, customize all ships across levels, and keep the game fun and fair. Players can carry their style and individuality across different ships and mission styles and navigate the stars while never being alone when they have an interstellar pal, or shall we say… PAL.

Once bought, they become your original and unique PAL within the game of Warp Nexus! Owning one will allow you to access all areas of the game forever without ever paying for any other fee. It is very rare for an online game to ever let people buy unlimited play. Enabling this is our way of thanking people for helping fund the development of the project.

The properties available for them will be Galaxy Skin, Sun Color, Sun Type, Hair Style, Eye Color, and Background, some being much rarer than others. These properties play essential parts in the Warp Nexus story. For instance, the Sun is the “heart” of the PAL since they all come from different stars, and this heart is what powers and navigates a user’s ship.

PALs gain levels to evolve.

Each level provides either a visual or cosmetic improvement to your character or ship, or unlocks a new PAL persona. All piloted spacecraft MUST have a PAL uploaded to LAUNCH. The PAL levels through missions gaining XP in Warp Nexus. When a PAL reaches a new level, it unlocks its unique special bonus or power. That bonus benefits the owner of the PAL.

Examples of upgrades a PAL gives:

  • Different personas and voices of PALs
  • Ship skins
  • Ship Fireworks
  • Ship trails
  • Character Badges
  • Character Halos
  • Character Wrist projection
  • Character body parts
  • Character Emotes
  • Character Dances

As a PAL Upgrades, no matter the level, it will earn daily Pass Points from players of Warp Nexus who do not own a PAL.

On August 7–8, STARL PALs will be on sale! 0.08ETH each on .
They will be sold as hidden and revealed later in the week.
Times of sale in convenient time zones:
  • Sunday 8/7:
    • 21:00 PT
  • Monday 8/8:
    • 04:00 UTC
    • 12:00 SGT/China
    • 07:00 Istanbul
    • 08:30 TRT 

Upon launch, PALs will be purchasable and have various traits making each one unique. Ten thousand PALs will be available to purchase and trade. All PAL NFTs are original models, created within Unreal Engine 5, and exported as images for trade on the marketplace.
Editors: If we can help with coverage or if you’d like to interview members of the STARL Universe, please let us know.
About STARL Metaverse
The STARL Metaverse Project will be an ever-expanding interactive universe based in the vastness of a simulated outer space, where satellites, living modules, custom spacecraft, virtual real estate, character modifications, and more all interact in a vast virtual economy. Imagine joining millions on a virtual space station in a new universe.
The first facet of the STARL Metaverse is the STARL Arena - a home for virtual performances from artists around the globe. This incredible multi-functional platform allows players to take their own custom-designed avatars online where they will meet friends in a burgeoning sonic playground for some of the world’s leading musicians and artists. Forthwith, the Arena has partnered with the world-renowned Amoeba Music.
In the near future, players will be able to pilot through the expanding universe of the Space MMO Warp Nexus and the Starcade - a home for many user-generated games and activities that will be built by Wyrmbyte Studios and enterprising members of the community.
We invite you to share this exciting news with your readers and we’d love to have you talk with the Wyrmbyte and STARL teams about their vision for an open and inclusive Web3.
PR Contact
Bill Murphy
[email protected]
Garrett Fuller
[email protected]

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