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Become the Most Famous or Infamous Name in the Galaxy
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August 3rd, 2022 — Explore, survive, and thrive in the vast procedurally-generated galaxy in Star Valor, available now on Steam.

Star Valor is a Space Action RPG game that puts you in control of your own spaceship and destiny. Explore a vast open-world procedurally generated galaxy as you make your way from a nobody to the biggest name in the galaxy. But be warned, in a universe where the last of humanity is ruled by the alien beings that nearly made them extinct, wealth and power don’t come easy.

Carefully choose which factions you join or go independent and make your own friends and foes along the way. Earn credits through a variety of activities such as mining asteroids for valuable materials and minerals, completing various missions, trading goods, salvaging shipwrecks, crafting weapons, claiming bounties on pirates, or becoming a pirate yourself. Gain experience and level up your skills while unlocking new options for subsequent playthroughs.


  • Open-World Exploration in a Procedurally Generated Galaxy – Each new game is completely different from the last with players getting to choose how big or small a galaxy is.
  • Dynamic and Easy to Learn Combat System – Engage in head-to-head dogfights or massive fleet battles.
  • Craft Your Own Weapons – Craft weapons using materials found from shipwrecks and mining asteroids and add your own modifiers to create unique weapons that cater to your needs.
  • Over 160 Different Pieces of Ship Equipment – A vast selection of varying ship equipment to allow you to customize your ship how you see fit and give it the perfect loadout.
  • Over 80 Different Ships – Over 80 different ships across various classes and roles to choose from, ranging from small Fighters to big Battleships.
  • Choose New Character Abilities as You Level Up – As you level up, you gain skill points that can be allocated to the skills and skill trees of your choice to create the character of your play style.
  • Hire a Crew to Improve your Ship and Gunners to Operate Turrets – As you grow and you gain a bigger ship you will need to hire a crew to help run it along with gunners to operate turrets.
  • Make allies or Hire Mercenaries to Help You – Become a fleet commander and assign allies to your fleet to help you in combat or alternatively you can hire mercenaries to help out… for a price.
  • Unlock Perks to Open New Play Styles – Complete specific tasks or make particular choices to unlock new perks granting different and various new play styles.
  • Story and Procedural Quest System – Embark on a story that spans throughout the galaxy or take on a large variety of quests with a procedural quest system.
  • Seven Factions to Interact With – Interact with seven different factions each with their own agenda. Allying yourself with one may make others your enemy.
  • Wars Between Factions – Become a part of wars and conflicts between factions as they struggle for power.
  • Arena Mode for Combat-Focused Challenges – An additional arena mode for you to test your combat abilities as you face off against waves of enemies that grow in power as you progress.

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About Rafael Goettert Burgos, a.k.a Laious:
I'm a Brazilian indie game developer of 15 years. When graduating in Computer Science in 2006, I was the second ever graduate to pursue a game developer career at the University. I began studying the Unity engine and developing Star Valor in 2016, my first solo game for Steam. I work mostly alone, with some assistance from a friend and the immense support of my amazing community on Discord. I like to allow players to create and experience games their way, with their own customization and style. I want players to have complete control of their fun.

Media Contact
Damien Smith
Indie Bros. on behalf of Rafael Goettert Burgos.

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