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Spirit of the Island is now globally available on Steam, GOG.COM and Epic Games

​​​​​​​After the successful Kickstarter Campaign, META Publishing and Alex Kikuchi (Head of 1M Bits Horde) are very excited to release their colorful life simulation RPG
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Cyprus, August 18th - After five months in Early Access, Spirit of the Island is launching today on all three major PC stores – Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG, with console and mobile versions arriving later this year and in 2023 respectively. The game has received lots of community driven quality of life improvements and content updates and gathered many positive reviews from thousands of people. 

Inspired by renowned gaming experiences like Animal Crossing, Moonlighter, Legend of the Zelda and Stardew Valley, Spirit of the Island brings a vibrant mix of a relaxing life-sim and a challenging RPG, creating a chill game fit for everyone.

You can play solo or team-up with another player in cooperative mode. In Spirit of the Island you get to live on a mysterious island, build your dream house and take care of the land, engage in different types of farming and crafting, develop an economy and tourism management, and explore a vast Archipelago full of unseen dangers and hidden treasures.

Main features of the game:

  • A Plethora of Activities: Spirit of the Island features 10 unique skills, such as farming, mining, foraging, social, and even fishing, which comes as its own special mini-game. Will you become a true master of all?

  • Tourist Paradise: visitors from all over the world will come to spend their time on your island. Open shops, sell local produce and treasures from your adventures, rent out hotels and create a resort of your dreams.

  • Vast Tropical Archipelago: explore 14 unique islands, each with its own flora and fauna. Who knows what kind of creatures you’ll meet in your travels.

  • The Local Community: meet more than 14 unique characters, each with their own distinct traits and quirks. Will you make new friends, enemies or even find your true love?

Get the game today on SteamEpic Games Store or GOG. To celebrate the launch, Spirit of the Island will be having a 20% discount for the next week, until August 23rd. If you aren’t sure about getting the game yet, a demo version is available on Steam.  

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About META Publishing

META Publishing is a rising video game label powered by industry veterans and gaming enthusiasts worldwide. We do not only publish games but create unique relations between the game and the players. With love and passion for games, we cater to developers’ needs and help them make each game shine!

About 1M Bits Horde

1M Bits Horde is an Indie video game development team based out of Brazil. Headed by development veteran Alexander Kikuchi, the team is working intensely on making Spirit of the Island an extremely rich and exciting experience, with a little something for everyone.

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