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Space Gears Announces Dates for Steam Global Playtest

Global playtest phase on Steam now dated, will take place next week so get your act in gear(s).
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  • Space Gears Steam global playtest begins on June 2, 16:00 (KST) and lasts for four days.

  • Space Gears PvP Showdown trailer features combat footage from the playtest build.


    Seoul, South Korea – May 26, 2023 Pentapeak Studios, a subsidiary of 2bytes Corporation, announced that it will begin the first Steam global playtest of their game Space Gears on June 2, 16:00 Korea Standard Time (KST).


    The playtest will run for a total of four days from June 2 to June 5. There are no restrictions on the number of participants or entry requirements. Anyone who wishes to play 'Space Gears' in advance can participate.


    Set in a captivating 22nd-century sci-fi universe, Space Gears takes place against the backdrop of a war that was triggered during the terraforming of Mars. Players take on the role of pioneers and commanders, conducting resource mining, researching terraforming technologies, assembling mechs, and participating in PvE and PvP battles, as they explore and transform Mars.


    During this playtest, players will be able to directly control mech units and experience PvE and PvP gameplay. In particular, the PvP map, tentatively named Plains Showdown, is expected to stage intense battles as users fiercely compete to control strategic strongholds.


    Community events will also be held during the playtest period. By completing certain tasks such as inviting friends to Space Gears' Discord server and following Space Gears on social media, users will have the chance to win Discord Nitro subscriptions. In addition, combat highlights captured from the playtest build will be available for viewing on Space Gears' official YouTube channel.



    Space Gears Executive Producer Ham Youngchul mentioned, "It’s quite nerve wracking to finally release our first game after 14 months of development. Space Gears is our attempt at lowering the entry barrier of classical RTS games. We want to create a game enjoyed by as many gamers as possible,” he then added, "The main purpose of this test is to gauge interest in the game's PvP battles. We look forward to collecting feedback from gamers across the world and doing our best to deliver the highest quality game when it comes time for launch."


    Space Gears is scheduled to conduct its global playtest from June 2 to June 5, participate in Steam Next Fest in June, and proceed with global Early Access through Steam within this year. The game is being developed to target global gamers who enjoy RTS, strategy, war games, and science fiction.


    Follow Space Gears on Steam, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and its Website


    About Space Gears

    Space Gears is an exhilarating sci-fi strategy game created by Pentapeak Studios, a subsidiary of 2bytes Corp. Set on Mars, players take on the role of pioneers, constructing bases and commanding armies of powerful mechs. The game encourages players to form alliances and compete against one another for control of limited resources. With its fluid, fast-paced PvE and PvP battles, Space Gears eliminates traditional build orders, resource management, and base expansions, concentrating instead on real-time play. This approach allows players to master well-timed and coordinated strikes against their adversaries, making every battle a thrilling experience.


    Space Gears Press Kit


    About 2bytes Corporation

    2bytes is a global game services startup founded by seasoned industry professionals with a track record of launching successful PC and mobile games worldwide. The company has become a reliable partner for game developers and publishers, offering a range of services such as localization, QA, game operations, community management, and voiceovers. With a growing reputation for excellence, 2bytes is particularly known for its outstanding localization work on the Black Desert franchise. Boasting over 100 partners, including big names like NCsoft and Microsoft, 2bytes provides comprehensive services for more than 140 titles. Recently, 2bytes established Pentapeak Studios, a subsidiary responsible for developing exciting new games like Space Gears and Stellar Tales. Additionally, 2bytes is exploring the cutting-edge world of blockchain technology through a collaboration with interchain NFT platform HAVAH and blockchain tech company Parameter. As of March 2023, the company has expanded to a workforce of 186 employees.


    2bytes Company Press Kit


    About Pentapeak Studios

    Pentapeak Studios was founded by 2bytes to develop new in-house titles. The studio is manned by industry veterans who built their careers working at South Korean game developers including Nexon, NCsoft, and Wemade, among others. Pentapeak Studios currently has two titles under development: Stellar Tales, a meta, match-3 puzzle game and Space Gears, a sci-fi strategy game set on Mars.


    Press Contact

    For press related inquiries, please contact Robert Chun | [email protected] |

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