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SINoALICE has started a collaboration with Kakegurui xx!

Kakegurui xx! collaboration starts.
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The collaboration will feature Little Match Girl as well as characters from Kakegurui xx! We're also celebrating with collaboration promotional events, so don't miss out!

Pokelabo Inc. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuta Maeda, a fully owned subsidiary of GREE Inc., hereinafter referred to as "Pokelabo") and Square Enix (HQ: Shinjuku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Matsuda, hereinafter referred to as "Square Enix") are proud to announce SINoALICE Global's collaboration event with Kakegurui xx.


We're happy to announce a collaboration with 
the movie Kakegurui xx!
Get Yumeko Jabami/Breaker during the collab!


During this event, characters from Kakegurui xx will appear in the SINoALICE world in a new and original scenario.
Not only that, but we'll be giving out Yumeko Jabami/Breaker as a gift to all players just for logging in during the collaboration!
Note: For details, please check the various related notices.

Collaboration Trailer (Part 2)

Special Collaboration Page

■ Log in during the collaboration and get Yumeko Jabami/Breaker (VA: Saori Hayami)!

Login Period
2022/4/26 (after maintenance) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)


Collaboration Event: Fairytale Gamblers


In this collaboration event you can read Fairytale Gamblers, a collaboration exclusive original story, plus collect shooting gallery tickets that you can use to win fantastic rewards such as Yumeko Jabami/Breaker arcana and twilight crystals.

Plus, when you complete the mission of clearing verse 30 of this event, you'll receive the outfit change Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Note: You must have the Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy class during the event to get her outfit change.

2022/4/26 (after maintenance) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)


Three characters from "Kakegurui xx" appear 
in the collaboration grimoire!
STEP Grimoire: Wager on the Tank Begins


The STEP Grimoire: Wager on the Tank has two parts, Wager on the Tank: The First Hand, featuring the new classes Sayaka Igarashi/Paladin, (VA: Ayaka Fukuhara) and Kirari Momobami/Sorcerer (VA: Miyuki Sawashiro), and Wager on the Tank: The Second Hand, featuring the new classes Mary Saotome/Crusher (VA: Minami Tanaka) and Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy (VA: Mayu Sagara).

Each time you summon from these grimoires you'll increase a step. On step 5, one featured SR weapon is guaranteed.

STEP Grimoire: Wager on the Tank Trailer
Note: Midari Ikishima/Gunner also appears.

2022/4/26 (after maintenance) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)

Wager on the Tank: The First Hand Featured Characters
Sayaka Igarashi/Paladin
Unlocks with SR weapon "Sayaka's Spear" (polearm).

Kirari Momobami/Sorcerer
Unlocks with SR weapon "Kirari's Book" (tome).

Wager on the Tank: The Second Hand Featured Characters
Mary Saotome/Crusher
Unlocks with SR weapon "Mary's Mallet" (heavy).

Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy
Unlocks with SR weapon "Hellfire's Wagering Strings" (instrument).


Collab exclusive Twilight Crystal/Class Unlock 
SR Weapon Set available at the shop!


Purchase a twilight crystal set featuring the class for the collaboration character Midari Ikishima/Gunner (VA: Mariya Ise) and her SR weapon Midari's Gun!

Twilight Crystal/Class Unlock & SR Weapon Set Trailer
Note: Characters from STEP Grimoire: Wager on the Tank also appear.

2022/4/26 (after maintenance) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)
Product Details
-Twilight Crystal x306 & SR Weapon (Midari's Gun) & Class Unlock (Midari Ikishima/Gunner)!
Note: (Midari Ikishima/Gunner is unlocked with the first purchase only).
Midari Ikishima/Gunner


10 lucky winners will receive a Kakegurui xx collab 
original T-shirt (not for sale)!
Kakegurui xx Collaboration Special Original Merch Begins


From April 26, 2022 at 9:00 (UTC), we're hosting a giveaway where 10 lucky winners who entered on social media will receive an original Kakegurui xx collaboration T-shirt (not for sale).

Giveaway Period
2022/4/26 at 9:00 (UTC) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)



Get rewards like twilight crystals and stamps 
based on total defeats!
Announcing the Kakegurui xx Collaboration 
Purification Event!


During the collaboration period, purification nightmares from the world of the collaboration will appear. Earn twilight crystals, stamps, and other rewards based on the total defeated.
You won't want to miss this chance!

2022/4/26 (after maintenance) to 2022/5/10 at 5:59 (UTC)

Note: Please be aware due to maintenance the start and end time of each event and campaign may vary.


What is Kakegurui xx?


The second season of the popular manga Kakegurui, serialized since 2014.
To the outside world, Hyakkaou Private Academy seems like your ordinary prestigious school. However, beyond its doors gambling determines the student hierarchy and high-stakes are the absolute standard.
Where winners are rewarded with wealth and fame while the losers are treated as "housepets," Yumeko Jabami, a black-haired girl with her own addiction to gambling, get's tangled in the competition.
The series has since been produced into a variety of mass media such as animation and live-action adaptations, including the worldwide Netflix exclusive Kakegurui Twin from August 2022.

ⒸHomura Kawamoto,Toru Naomura/SQUARE ENIX,KAKEGURUI2


A fantasy RPG presented by Pokelabo and Square Enix in the palm of your hand.
The story comes straight from the mind of Yoko Taro, known for his work on the NieR series and Drakengard. Music is produced by Keiichi Okabe/MONACA (NieR series, Drakengard 3). Original character design is done by the up-and-coming illustrator, Jino.
■ App Store
■ Google Play
■ Official Global Sites

■ Official Global Social Media
■ Creators
Original Story/Creative Director: Yoko Taro
Music: Keiichi Okabe/MONACA
Character Designer: Jino
■ Cast
・[Bondage] Alice: M・A・O
・[Justice] Snow White: Reina Ueda
・[Depravity] Cinderella: Eri Kitamura
・[Delusion] Hansel and Gretel: Maaya Uchida
・[Brutality] Red Riding Hood: Rika Tachibana
・[Languor] Sleeping Beauty: Kaede Hondo
・[Masochism] Princess Kaguya: Shizuka Ito
・[Dependence] Pinocchio: Yuko Sanpei
・[Misery] Little Mermaid: Mamiko Noto
・[Curiosity] Dorothy: Rie Takahashi
・[Senility] Nutcracker: Hiroshi Shirokuma
・[Gluttony] Three Little Pigs: Aoi Yūki
・[Nouveau Riche] Aladdin: Tetsuya Kakihara
・[Aesthetics] Hamelin: Tomoaki Maeno
・[Chastity] Rapunzel: Akane Fujita 
・[Hellfire] Little Match Girl (VA: Mayu Sagara)
(Note: Titles omitted.)

■Global version
・Release date: 2020/7/1
・Platforms: iOS, Android

Android: Android 6.0 and higher (RAM 2GB or greater)
iOS: iOS 10.0 and higher/iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later, iPodd touch 6th generation or later
Note: Some devices not listed may not be supported.
・Price: Free to Play (Offers In-App Purchases)

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