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Shukuchi Ninja is releasing on March 31st!

Pre-orders under way for this month's biggest "fast-paced, high intensity arcade game".
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Shukuchi Ninja the fast-paced, high intensity arcade game with unique controls, is coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox on March 31st. Pre-orders start next week!

The Netherlands – [March 17th, 2023] –  2Awesome Studio (2AS) announces the launch of Shukuchi Ninja. The game is releasing on March 31st and pre-orders are starting on March 24th. The game will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

The game will have a retail price of 4,99 (eur/gbp/usd), with a pre-order and launch discount of 20%.
Shukuchi Ninja is a full, action-packed adventure with over 60 levels, 7 troublesome bosses, an inspiring storyline, and unique controls - there's no other game like it!

Take control of the Shukuchi Ninja in this 2D action-platformer and fly through the air at astonishing speed, attack enemies with your ninjatō, throw shuriken (ninja stars) at hard to reach enemies, and instantly teleport to quickly counter enemy attacks.

With the power of healing, you must also aid the Shukuchi Ninja to ensure he doesn’t die!

Key features: 
  • Beautiful modern pixel art graphics
  • Traditional Japanese OST with modern elements
  • Over 60 levels and 7 bosses
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Unique controls
Watch the trailer for Shukuchi Ninja here. 

Media inquiries[email protected]

About 2Awesome Studio
2Awesome Studio is an independent game development studio and indie publisher whose mission is to add awesomeness to reality by developing video games with new and addictive mechanics and finding games that are equally awesome to publish.

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