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Shueisha Games' multi-manga spanning Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions shatters realities on July 28th!

Shonen Jump+ is releasing exclusive tie-in manga.
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TOKYO, JAPAN - July 27th, 2022 - Shueisha Games, Inc. will release its first post-establishment title, the tactical adventure "Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions for Nintendo Switch, on July 28th. To commemorate the release, a special manga of "Captain Velvet Meteor The Jump+ Dimensions - Introduction" will be published on the manga app "Shonen Jump+" on July 30.

Damien, a shy boy born to a French father and a Japanese mother, sees his life transformed when his family moves in with his grandmother and her entire family in Japan. Adapting to life in Japan is difficult. Even at his grandmother’s old family home, he’s frightened by crazy dogs and or pestered by strange bugs invading the bathroom. Dinner time brings a plethora of outlandish colors, shapes, and smells, bringing Damien’s anxieties to a fever pitch. Unable to cope with his new environment, Damien becomes an imaginary hero, "Captain Velvet Meteor," and embarks on a fantastical journey to combat his fears. His companions on these adventures are heroes from his favorite Jump+ manga!

Will Captain Velvet Meteor and the heroes be able to help Damien regain his peace of mind?



■ Explore and confront your fears in exhilarating battles!

When exploring his grandmother's house, Damien tries to navigate various cultural struggles living in a new country. Each world in the battle sections of the game represents a different aspect of Damien’s problems. The order in which you travel to the worlds will change depending on the player's actions.

In battles, players control Captain Velvet Meteor and a "Jump+" hero. Guide the team to defeat Damien’s insecurities come to life with attacks unique to each character, such as melee, long-range, and charge attacks. Wipe out enemies with unique combo attacks triggered by characters' positions, which adds plenty of puzzle elements to exhilarating battles.


■Heroes from "JUMP+" fighting together

Heroes you meet in the Dimensions are famous characters from some of the most popular "Shonen JUMP+" manga. Not only does each Jump+ hero represents their respective manga with unique gameplay, but throughout the adventure, they’ll also become reassuring companions who fight alongside Captain Velvet Meteor with conversations created under the supervision of the "Shonen Jump +" editorial department. The game will feature an exciting storyline that can be enjoyed by everyone, including fans of the original manga.

The latest PV is now on the official website, so check it out!


Full Character Lineup

  • Monster No. 8 - Kafka Hibino

  • HEART GEAR - Chrome

  • Slime Life - Slime

  • Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku - Gabimaru

  • Summer Time Rendering - Ushio Kofune

  • 'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess - Princess & Ex

  • GHOST REAPER GIRL - Chloé Love & Kai Iod

  • SPY×FAMILY - Loid Forger


■Companion manga in the Manga Plus app!

Captain Velvet Meteor: A Small Adventure in a Different World will be available for free on July 30 in the Manga Plus app!

To commemorate this work's release, Captain Velvet Meteor's first adventure will be released as a special manga on Manga Plus." What are Damien's anxieties in Japan? What heroes will he meet? The manga is created by Masato Ishiki, known for his work on "Battle Spirits: Double Drive" in Shueisha's "Saikyou Jump." Please enjoy this massive 36-page newly illustrated manga along with the game!

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is developed by Momo-Pi, an indie game studio led by Rinaldo Wirz, a Swiss artist living in Japan. The culturally diverse studio garnered critical praise with their game, Persephone, and won the "Shueisha Shonen Jump+ Award" at the Google Play Indie Game Festival 2019. Captain Velvet Meteor is the result of Shueisha Games and Shonen Jump+’s first attempt to offer a small studio the full scope of the publisher’s famous manga works.


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