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Shinobi Rising, The “Fancy Moves” trailer is out!

'Fancy Moves' trailer rises.
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Trailer Link:
First announced in September 2022, in Shinobi Rising, you play as a shinobi who must solve a murder mystery and discover the culprit behind the death of an innocent child heiress. Uncover clues and solve puzzles. Engage in stealth combat and use your ninja skills to defeat your enemies – or avoid them entirely. With stunning stylised graphics and an engaging storyline, Shinobi Rising is sure to keep gamers entertained and serve as a great introduction to our vibrant new game universe of Katana-Ra.
Shinobi Rising is the first PC game in the Katana-Ra Universe, where feudal Japanese inspiration is fused with futuristic Cyberpunk. Shinobi Rising will feature stealth and detective style gameplay. The entire game will play out in one single night of time, where the main character must solve a murder mystery and find the real culprit behind the assassination of the young heiress to the Kata Clan.
The trailer focuses on some of the combat elements of the game and is a pre cursor to the full gameplay trailer dropping in two weeks. Wishlisting is open on Steam now at
Company name: W.R.K.S Games
Title: Shinobi Rising
Engine: Unreal 5
Platforms: PC and Console, with Switch and Mobile coming later
WRKS Games Website:
Katana-Ra Universe Site:
Game Site:
Press Contact: Kosala Ubayasekara
Email: [email protected]
WRKS Games Dedicated Press Site:

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