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See the battlefield from a new perspective in Iron Guard, out today!

Upgrade turrets, collect resources and destroy wave after wave of rogue bots in this 360 immersive tower defense game.
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Trailer (YouTube) | Steam page | Website

26 APRIL 2022 - Developer XLab Digital is excited to release the PC version of their highly-acclaimed RTS Iron Guard VR today!

An ingenious twist on the classic tower defense genre, Iron Guard offers the opportunity to experience both turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay from two different perspectives.

Players will find themselves dropped into the desperate world of Iron Guard after the "Avalon", crashlands on an alien plane. Discovering a legion of out-of-control terraformer bots from previous colonization attempts, it will be up to them to protect the lives of the surviving crew. They'll need to defend the base, secure resources and put an end to the deadly robots’ rampage.

Players will defend their base from the ground by building and upgrading towers to hold back waves of rogue robots, but can also take to the sky using a player-controlled drone and survey the battlefield from above to help strategize and plan their next move.

Formerly only available on VR via Steam or AppLab, developer XLab Interactive has built a brilliant standalone version, after strong, positive community feedback.

Iron Guard offers hours of entertainment with multiple game modes, such as resource collection, energy transfer and classic mode, as well as a level optimisation and leaderboard. With compelling alien environments and a captivating storyline, it's no wonder that the VR version of Iron Guard has a 96% positive rating on Steam and a 97% positive rating on Oculus.

Zubin Wadia, Producer at Xlab Digital, said "With almost 3 years in development, Iron Guard VR was built to bring a truly unique gameplay experience to the VR community. Our small but dedicated team at Xlab Digital, took great care to tell a story but also present the classic RTS genre Tower Defence game with a completely new UX which lends perfectly to the VR medium and the game.

"We wanted to bring a unique user experience that would hopefully bring nostalgia and also completely immerse the players in a action packed, strategy game which unfolds in a beautiful miniature alien world, where players tower over the battlefields which they command and control and engage in

Players can purchase the PC version of Iron Guard on Steam for $9.99, the Oculus version for $14.99 and players can also purchase a bundle of the PC and VR version for $19.99.

For more information, please contact Ellie Pattinson at [email protected].

About Iron Guard

Iron Guard is a sci-fi tower defense game that encourages players to strategize to destroy waves of rogue robots using powerful turrets and a player controlled drone. Build and collect resources and help evacuate your crew from the alien planet.

  • Top-down immersive gameplay.
  • Different game modes and styles.
  • Multiple upgradeable turrets, path blockers, mining harvesters.
  • Possibility of non-linear equipment upgrade between missions.
  • Arcade style shooting from an upgradeable drone using conventional or super weapons. 
  • A unique storyline revealed through cutscenes and dialogues.
  • Amazing voice acting and music which adds to the gameplay in the true style of classic RTS games.
  • Beautiful and stylized environments with mysterious atmosphere of an unknown planet, showcasing various biomes where battles ensue.

About XLab Digital

XLab Digital is a LA-based content company, focused on VR games and experiences. Iron Guard (IG) is their first IP that is currently available on various VR platforms.

The team consists of industry talent form vfx, animation and gaming industry, having worked on wider release PC game titles like "The Uncertain" and its sequel. 

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