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Romero Games and Retrovibe Join Forces for a Project Warlock Limited Edition PC Big Box

Limited edition 'PC Big Box' produced with help from Romero Games.
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  • It’s the first Romero Games big box with a game made by another developer
  • Each box will be signed by John Romero and Project Warlock’s Jakub Cislo
  • Pre-orders are now open at The Romero Shop


Publishers Romero Games, Retrovibe, and the developer Buckshot Software are proud to reveal that they have teamed up to prepare and release a limited edition PC Big Box of a challenging retro shooter Project Warlock. Pre-orders have started today in The Romero Shop with global deliveries estimated for Q4 2022.

Pre-order now at The Romero Shop

After the physical releases of SIGIL and Dangerous Dave, this is the first PC Big Box prepared by Romero Games for a title that wasn’t personally developed by John Romero. Project Warlock was made by then-19-years-old Jakub Cislo as his debut title. His ideas and design skills have caught the attention of the legendary game designer who played the game and became a fan. The limited release called Project Warlock - Ihet Edition is the result of their shared passion for pixelated carnage.

Newly revealed Project Warlock - Ihet Edition PC Big Box will include:

  • Individually numbered box 
  • Personal signatures by John Romero and Jakub Cislo
  • Project Warlock swag bag
  • 4 GB Custom Buckshot USB with the game
  • Big, wall-friendly poster
  • 3 steel pins of Project Warlock’s Formidable Foes
  • 4 “Faces of Warlock” stickers

Since its release in 2018, Project Warlock has gathered a loyal following on Steam, GOG, and consoles and is one of the games pioneering what is called the boomer shooter revival. Thanks to regular content updates the game now features:

  • 60 gore-packed levels
  • 5 monster inhabited worlds
  • 72 slaughter happy enemies
  • 38 easily triggered weapons
  • 8 earth-shaking spells
  • 12 playstyle altering perks

Retro shooter fans can pre-order Project Warlock - Ihet Edition PC Big Boxes at The Romero Shop, starting from $49.94 plus shipping.


Project Warlock - Ihet Edition at The Romero Shop

Project Warlock on Steam (digital only)

Project Warlock II on Steam (digital only)

About Romero Games

Romero Games is a multi-award-winning AAA game studio based in Galway, Ireland founded in 2015. Romero Games creates AAA games and craft genres and its team brings decades of experience to the table with significant leadership roles on games like DOOM, Quake, Far Cry, Dungeons & Dragons, and many others. The Romero Games team has shipped over 200 titles individually and won as many awards, including multiple game of the year awards and even a BAFTA Special Award.

About Retrovibe

Retrovibe is a publisher that aims to unlock next levels of fun by delivering new indie games with a retro heart. It was established in 2021 by a group of experienced games industry professionals.

About Buckshot Software

Led by Jakub Cislo, a self-taught game designer, programmer, and the creator of the original Project Warlock, Buckshot Software is a six-person team of developers who love retro shooters like Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Quake.


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