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Roblox Meets Grand Theft Auto V in Airland World , a New Open World Sandbox Game Creation Platform from Airland Studios

Featuring a Fully Customizable World in Unreal Engine 5; Explore, Create, and Play with Hundreds of Players Simultaneously
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Atlanta, Georgia (March 17, 2023) - Airland Studios — a new studio dedicated to empowering modders and would-be game creators — is thrilled to announce its sandbox game creation platform Airland World. The platform will begin welcoming players in early access later this year, before a full, free to play launch in 2024.

Airland World creators will be able to use an impressive suite of creation tools to bring their game creation dreams to life, built using LUAU or C++ scripting. Enjoy realistically simulated vehicles (including trucks, tanks, planes, and helicopters) and traversal options (including swimming and skydiving), a variety of weapons as you allow players to be friends or foes, and a selection of game modes (casual, realistic, ultra-realistic) to make use of them all. With custom, large-scale multiplayer also available, it’s up to you just how many players will be able to collaborate or compete against each other.
With so much possibility, it’s important that these games feel immersive too. With that, Airland World will feature a fully procedural, AI-generated replica of planet Earth. Complete with real-life roads and geotypical buildings, this breathtakingly beautiful recreation has been produced in partnership with WildRealm Inc., which provides a global simulation environment for professional simulations. 

What’s more, Airland World creators will easily be able to share their games with millions of players worldwide - or monetize their creations if they choose. The platform’s fully-featured backend system will allow creators to export their titles to third-party storefronts or sell them directly through Airland Studios’ dedicated store. 

Leaning on Airland Studios CEO Fred Naar’s years of experience in developing hugely popular helicopter mods for flight simulators (as “AirlandFS”), and being part of a passionate modding community, Airland World will support and uplift creators at every turn. 

“As an experienced modder, it’s important to me that my fellow creators are seen, heard, and offered the tools that they need to showcase their talent,” said Fred Naar. “I also feel passionately that creators are given the opportunity to make money from their work, as they are so often restricted from doing so despite how much they contribute to communities and games.”

Fred and the Airland Studios team will be present at GDC 2023, showcasing Airland World and Helicopter Rescue Team (developed in parallel, built using Airland World’s tools). Please use this link to book a time to meet the devs at GDC, or get in touch if you’d like to arrange an interview but won’t be at the event.

To stay up-to-date on Airland World, subscribe to the YouTube channel or “like” the game on Facebook.

About Airland Studios

Airland Studios is a game and simulations studio developing realistic vehicle simulations and sandbox creation tools for games and professional use. Beginning life as a developer of helicopter flight dynamics and mods for flight simulators, the studio is now supporting other creators with its Airland World platform, which will be available in 2024.

About WildRealm Inc.

WildRealm Inc. provides a single global simulation environment for professional simulations and gaming. WildRealm is a reconstructed 3D world, from space to a blade of grass, enhanced by procedural rules and rendered with Unreal Engine 5. WildRealm offers global multiplayer support, high precision collision and physics, real-time terrain deformations, high-resolution inset support, and world customization with UE Editor.


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