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Revived Witch Event Forest Recall Available Now: Become the Hero to Save Irminsul

We seem to remember something about a 'Forest Recall' event happening with lots of dolls and other rewarding content.
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August 2, 2022 - Shanghai, China - Pixel art mobile RPG, Revived Witch is bringing a cool breeze from the forest on this hot summer day with their new event, Forest Recall. Tons of new content will be introduced in the event, including three new dolls, new shop packs, and a slew of new activities with abundant rewards.
Download and play Revived Witch now: Click here

About Forest Recall
The Forest Recall event is available from August 2nd to August 16th (UTC-7), with the second half and Hard Mode stages unlocking on August 9th. During the event, players can get free Souls, Soul Cryolites, and plenty of rare items through clearing event stages, challenging boss battles, completing the Daily Quest, and exchanging tokens for goods in the Event Shop.
Revived Witch has prepared sign-in gifts and free daily Stamina for players. The tenth-day sign-in reward for the Forest Recall event is a free UR doll. Forest Gifts including rare materials, Potions, and Soul Cryolites can be redeemed with Magic Leaves, which are collected through summoning dolls and consuming Stamina. In addition, several new packs containing abundant items, Diamonds, costumes, and dolls will be in stock in the Forest Shop.

Three Newly-Introduced Dolls
Free Sign-in UR Doll: Flare, Priestess of Irminsul
Flare used to be a sorcerer versed in various conjuring skills and was appointed as the Priestess of Irminsul. She is a powerful debuffer and healer of the team. Her first skill restores health to all allies, and the second skill deals Magic Damage to all enemies and reduces the target’s Attack. Her position in the formation increases the Damage taken by all enemies. Most importantly, Flare is a free UR doll that shouldn’t be missed.
Dreamland Summon UR Doll: Asherah, Protector of Irminsul
Asherah, the Protector of Irminsul, has been guarding this land for centuries. In her long life -span, she has honed her excellent assassination skills. A high rate of Physical Defense reduction debuff, multiple strikes against back row enemies, and the passive effect of increasing Critical Damage make her the nemesis of the back row.

Dreamland Summon UR Doll: Phileanosis, Lost Wail
Phileanosis is a traveling scholar who used to be a loyal follower of the Chronospace Protector. Her time magic allows her to control the Aether Flow to reduce the Damage taken by her allies and restore Health based on the Damage taken. Her second skill can boost the effect of the next skill activated and deal extra Magic Damage. She can also accelerate the charging of Chaos or Order Energy while using active skills.

New packs are on sale during the event
During the event, 6 costumes will be available on a rotating daily basis in the Forest Recall Costume Pack. The Forest Recall Doll Pack allows players to pick an available doll from the selection list. Also, many cost-effective packs containing a new Avatar, numerous Diamonds, Soul Cryolites, Stamina, and Potions are on sale.

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