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[Ninja Issen] Retweet Event Now Live!

- Struggle against those who have falsely accused Kiva, our ninja protagonist on the run.
- Demo now available on Steam! Experience real ‘hyper ninja action!’
- Crowdfunding retweet event now live! One lucky person will receive a Nintendo Switch Lite!
Game publisher CFK is holding a retweet event for its hyper ninja action game, Ninja Issen, starting today (November 19th, 2021). They are planning to select one lucky participant to receive a Nintendo Switch Lite!
Ninja Issen is a ‘hyper ninja action’ game set against a rich cyberpunk background, featuring an escaped ninja, Kiva, who is searching for revenge. As such, players can expect a great deal of sci-fi action, time rifts, and exciting battles that our ninja protagonist must fight through.
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Ninja + Cyberpunk + Hyper Action
The player will become Kiva, a ninja who was falsely accused of killing the head of his clan. As he tries to run from his pursuers, he accidentally takes a plunge into the future. When he reaches this city of the future, Kiva is rescued by lead engineer Hanjo, given new abilities, and set down the path toward returning to his own world and clearing his name by getting revenge.
This game is drawing attention both in Korea and abroad as it allows players to dominate the futuristic battlefields with the variety of flashy ninja techniques at their disposal and strut through this cyberpunk word. The speed required to conquer the one-on-many action sequences of Ninja Issen go hand-in-hand with the challenging boss battles, promising an experience that players won’t want to miss.

Crowdfunding campaign now open! Try the demo out for yourself!
CFK is currently holding a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign aimed at completing Ninja Issen with the help of the players. Backers will receive digital and physical rewards, including Steam keys, the game’s original soundtrack, mousepads, and more, depending on the tier of their donation.
In addition, you can get a taste of what hyper action means by downloading the demo for yourself on Steam and playing through the exciting first chapter and the thrilling boss battle. If you enjoy the first chapter of the game, you should definitely head over to the Kickstarter page to see what the developer has to offer.
Ninja Issen will continue to be developed and improved upon based on your feedback, so we would love it if you would share your feedback and hopes for the game with us on the Kickstarter project comments section and the Steam discussion board.
Retweet for the chance to win a Nintendo Switch Lite!
To celebrate the launch of the Ninja Issen crowdfunding project, CFK is starting their retweet event today (November 19th, 2021), offering everyone the chance to win a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite.

Submissions accepted: Friday, November 19th, 2021 - Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 (submissions closed at 12:59 PM Korean Standard Time)
How to participate:
1. Follow the official Ninja Issen Twitter page!
2. Retweet five tweets relating to the Ninja Issen crowdfunding campaign!
3. Upload an image of the retweets to the official Ninja Issen discord channel to make your entry official!
Winner receives: A Nintendo Switch Lite (1 winner)
Winner will be announced: Friday, December 8th, 2021. The winner will be announced on the official Ninja Issen Twitter and Discord pages.
This is a worldwide contest! Everyone is eligible to win this fantastic prize.
You can find out more about our disgraced protagonist searching for revenge and what ‘hyper ninja action’ really means by visiting the Ninja Issen Steam and Kickstarter pages.
Official Twitter page
Discord server
Ninja Issen Steam page (Demo available for download)
Ninja Issen Kickstarter homepage
Product info.
Title name: Ninja Issen (忍者一閃)
Platform: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
Genre: Hyper ninja action
Release date: TBA (Demo now available)
Price: TBA
Supported players: 1 player
Supported languages: Korean, English, Japanese
Publisher: CFK
Copyright information: ©2021 Asteroid-J All Rights Reserved. Published by CFK

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