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Retro-FPS Early Access title KUR receives its largest update yet!

Early Access title gets significantly updated.
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SEATTLE, WA November 18th, 2021 - Really Ragdoll studios has just released it’s newest update for retro-fps KUR! Available now in early access on Steam and constantly updated since it’s reveal at this year's Realms Deep showcase, KUR continues to get bigger, better, and more badass.

KUR is a love letter to the early 90’s - cracking jokes at the LAN party in between rounds of DOOM and Quake are what brought the game to life. You’ll quite literally kick ass and chew bubblegum as you blast your way through 20+ levels stacked with secrets, boss fights, and horribly disfigured enemies (they’re rogue robots who wear the flesh of their victims, ew.) As you go deeper down the rabbit hole with the AI hellbent on destroying the human race, you’ll discover that this isn’t just another corporate milk run - you might need to ask for a bonus after you save the world.

Since it’s surprise release in early access at Realms Deep 2021, KUR has received updates based on community feedback and ongoing development - and today’s update is the largest to date! As a mercenary, cash is king and that’s reflected in the new Cash rewards system - make bank and upgrade your boot at the end of every single level. It’s no use being king of the kill if you can’t flex a little, right? So alongside the cash rewards you get in game we’re also introducing leaderboards - will you hold the biggest bag? Maybe you’re the fastest player to complete the new final challenge in the Factory! That’s right, it’s not all points - KUR is receiving new playable content in the form of a challenging new intro level and reworked encounters. There’s so much more to show off, but we’ll leave that to the players to discover.

Happy Kursday!


* Cash Rewards System
* Leaderboards integrated with Steam
* New encounters and challenges in the Campaign
* Hammerhead ragdoll corpse physics
* New Blood Flavor (Plasma Blue!)

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Really Ragdoll:
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About Really Ragdoll:

Really Ragdoll Studios is based out of Seattle, WA. Founded in 2018 by Brian Spain and Kehran Carr, who met at programming school, they are currently working on their first title, 'KUR.' The team is inspired by some of the generation-defining games of the 90s and 2000s, whose spirits drive the creative energy behind 'KUR.' Brian is a Navy veteran with a math degree who works as an engineer by day and game dev by night. Kehran is a self-taught game developer from Seattle who has a passion for creating unique and engaging gaming experiences. By focusing on game design, Really Ragdoll aims to develop games that leave a strong impression on players while keeping them coming back for more.

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