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🔍🐈‍⬛ Request a Key for the Sleuthy Feline Adventure Game Nine Noir Lives, Coming Soon to PC

Keys available for "point and lick" adventure from Silvernode Games.
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Are you ready for a new assignment, Team Awesome?
We’ve got a real breakthrough in our latest case, as we’re on the tail of a murderer in Nine Noir Lives — the new "point-and-lick" adventure from Silvernode Games! The evidence all points to a PC launch date of September 7, 2022. A new video from the developer provides background info on the studio and the development of Nine Noir Lives that could be instrumental in cracking the case. P.I. Cuddles Nutterbutter and his trusty assistant Tabby Marshmallow can’t solve this mystery without you!
Are you ready for the investigation of nine lifetimes? Grab your fedora and trenchcoat and request a key here!

But who is the team at Silvernode Games? This humble, two-person studio from Pretoria, South Africa is one with an ambitious dream: to create games like the titles they loved growing up. In a new Behind-the-Scenes video, Founder William Kruger explains how adventures like Broken Sword and Monkey Island inspired him to create his own loving homage to the genre. Viewers even get to meet a celebrity – the real-life Cuddles Nutterbutter!

In Nine Noir Lives, players will take on the role of Cuddles Nutterbutter, a feline private investigator with a taste for solving crime… literally. Cuddles will poke, talk, and lick his way through his toughest investigation yet: a murder case that threatens to upset the tenuous relationship between the paw-erful Montemeeuw and Catulet crime families. Along the way, players will interact with dozens of fully-voiced characters, beautifully hand-drawn scenes, and devious puzzles to answer the most important question of all: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this town?

Key Features of Nine Noir Lives Include:

  • Brought Up on Feline-y Charges: A charming comedy-noir storyline set in the unique and intriguing city of Meow Meow Furrington, inspired by every cat ever and with fewer cat puns than you might expurrct.
  • A Point-and-Lick Adventure: Discover a whole new dimension to everything in the game by using Cuddles’ tongue. Lick first, and ask questions later. Questions like "what did you expect that to taste like, Cuddles?"
  • S’more Cats Equals S’more Fun: Experience the city from two very different perspectives as you switch between Cuddles and his trusty assistant, Tabby Marshmallow.
  • Purrfect Voice Acting: Laugh and learn about the world of Furth with over a hundred thousand words of fully-voiced dialogue performed by an all-star cast including Lucas Gilbertson (Megaman X), Carol-Anne Day (A Hat in Time) and SungWon Cho (Borderlands 3, God of War Ragnarok).

Nine Noir Lives will launch for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG on September 7, 2022. A demo is available now on Steam and GOG

If you’d like to conduct your own investigation into Nine Noir Lives, be sure to follow the game on Twitter and visit the official website

A full press kit, including logos and screenshots, can be found here:

Thanks in advance for sharing this Nine Noir Lives mews with your audience. If you’re interested in reviewing the game, would like to set up an interview with Silvernode Studios, or just want to show us a picture of your cat, please reply to this email! Want to try Nine Noir Lives for yourself? Make sure to request your key today!

Cat-ch you later, 

James Robinson and Jenni Lada
UberStrategist Inc.
[email protected]

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