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Her Arrival is Heralded by New Dungeon, Special Offer, and Spirit Summon Bonus
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Indonesia, November 10, 2021 - This November, a brand new Atma will descend onto the mobile RPG Code Atma. Rangda, an iconic figure from Balinese mythology, will challenge Seekers with her astounding powers. Her arrival also brings with it a number of themed events.


Rangda, also known as the “Moonlight Mistress”, is a Wizard-class Atma with the Moon element, available in both 5-star and 6-star versions. As appropriate for her class, Rangda can inflict great damage in an unusual way, specifically through debuff manipulation. Starting on Wednesday, November 10, 2021, players can attempt to summon Rangda either through Spirit Summon or Abysmal Deals. 


Each time Rangda attacks an opponent, she will inflict DEF DOWN debuff on herself through a passive skill called Plague Pact. However, when she unleashes Asita Parvata, her active skill, she not only attacks all enemies but also inflicts a stack of debuffs (between ATK DOWN, DEF DOWN, or SPD DOWN) to all of them. The number of stacks is equal to the number of debuffs Rangda has on herself, greatly debilitating the enemies. Furthermore, the skill also cleanses her debuffs, killing two birds with one stone.

Rangda also comes with a passive skill named Dark Mirage, which gives Rangda one Extra Turn each time she attacks an enemy with a debuff. Once Rangda’s skills get rolling, Seekers can easily wipe out the devastated enemy formation. But Seekers should take extra care in protecting Rangda, as her defenses are frail.

Rangda’s magical power was born out of her tragic past. During her mortal life, she was a black magic practitioner whose heart was broken by a man, filling her with unbridled rage. On her quest for revenge, she drew her strength from the cold loneliness. Rangda vowed to drown the world in the darkness of an endless night.

To celebrate her arrival, Code Atma is holding a multitude of Rangda-themed events. Seekers can participate in the festivities starting on November 10th to get both Rangda and in-game items to help them in their quests.

These are the events to come to Code Atma in the upcoming weeks: 

[New Limited Summon Banner] 

  • Rangda Blessing (November 10-17, 2021) 

During this period, Seekers can get additional spirit points during summons. Seekers can only roll for 10-summons on this banner. However, each 10-summon will earn Seekers a total of 15 spirit points (compared to the usual 10). Spirit points can be used for the Spirit Summon feature that guarantees a 5-star Atma. 

Furthermore, each 10-summon that doesn’t result in at least one 5-star Atma will increase the Seeker’s chance to get a 5-star Atma on their next roll. However, it should be noted that Rangda is not available in this banner.


[New Spirit Summon Banner] 

  • Spirit Summon: Rangda (November 10-December 8, 2021) 

This new Spirit Summon will feature Rangda. Seekers who have managed to save 100 spirit points will be able to do a spirit summon with a higher chance to get Rangda. 


[New Event] 

  • Dungeon & Event Store: Curse of Rangda (November 10-17, 2021) 

In the Curse of Rangda dungeons, Seekers can experiment with their formation to discover Rangda’s potential in battle. Seekers who can conquer the dungeon will get event tokens as reward that can be exchanged for various in-game items. 


[New Special Offer] 

  • Abysmal Deals (November 10-24, 2021)

This special offer contains Rangda’s Atma Shards for Seekers looking to add Rangda to their party right away, as well as various resources to level her up.  

Seekers looking to have a taste of Rangda’s might and participate in the accompanying events can log into Code Atma starting this Wednesday, November 10. 

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