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Quantum Noesis Solved!

Grand Prize awarded to anonymous winner!
[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press]

On July 25, 2022, a player who goes by the moniker MooMookau solved the final Alpha Omega puzzle and became the first person to complete all 36 of the puzzles in Quantum Noesis. He beat out hundreds of other puzzle solvers to claim the grand prize of 50,000 SNS. Quantum Noesis is the world's first playable NFT-based graphic novel.

As a privacy enthusiast, MooMooKau declined to reveal his real-world identity, but he did volunteer his thoughts about the game on Discord. "As an avid puzzle solver," he writes, "I knew Quantum Noesis was right up my alley when it was announced. Starting the game for the first time, you don't know quite what to expect. And just when you start to get comfortable with the puzzle types, new puzzles appear that completely throw you off. The Slider, Chunks and Alpha-Omega puzzles were particularly difficult for me as they had a visual dimension to them."

MooMooKau adds that "the story and artwork are beautiful as well, though I confess I raced ahead to do the puzzles first and only went back once I solved them. You can tell how competitive I was by how I wake up 1am every week for the puzzles. I am looking forward to the next iteration of the game!"

The contest began on April 20th, 2022. The publisher Synesis One released a new chapter each week for twelve weeks, each containing part of the story and three new brainteasers for players to unravel.
The puzzles were created by legendary puzzle master Cliff Johnson, whose many awards include 'Best Puzzle Game Ever' and 'Best Retro Game Ever.' The visual style of the game was created by award-winning creative designer Eric Jordan and brought to life by Ukrainian artist Bohdan Kravchenko. The Game was produced by Polish game developer Fabyrka Gier. Finally, the Science Fiction story at the heart of Quantum Noesis was written by Tracy Spaight, screen writer Shawn Whitney and Cyberpunk novelist D.L. Young, author of the popular Cyberpunk City novels.

Quantum Noesis attracted a global audience of blockchain gamers, including 25-year-old Arron, a Belgian who works in a chemical plant. He says that the game expanded his problem-solving skills. "Some players struggled with the puzzles, but that's the main reason I love the game. It requires the player to think outside the box!"

Moonbien, a South Korean engineer, teamed up with his wife to solve the puzzles of Quantum Noesis. "We each bring different skills to solving the game's puzzles. I'm good at arranging the puzzle elements and she's good at guessing the words to replace for ciphers. The game gave us a fun activity to do together, and we enjoyed it!"

The game contest ended on July 20th, 2022, but for those who missed out, Synesis One plans to relaunch the game again in the future with new features and puzzles!

About Quantum Noesis
Quantum Noesis is a 'solve to earn' game created by Synesis One<>, a DAO for data yield farming. Designed as a playable graphic novel, it has 36 puzzles across 12 chapters.
Players who enjoy the game will soon be able to download our train2earn App to train a neuro-symbolic AI engine for real! Like the Noosphere DAO in the game, Synesis One DAO exists to gamify the collection and curation of ontologies to improve Artificial Intelligence.

About Synesis One
SYNESIS ONE is the world's first web3 application that gamifies the collection of AI training datasets in a train-to-earn model. Read more about us at

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