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Punishing: Gray Raven Announces New Autumn Update

New coatings, weapons, characters, and content are coming to the anime-style ARPG
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August 15th, 2022 - Kuro Game’s anime-style ARPG Punishing: Gray Raven is turning over a new leaf with its new Echo Aria, the first game update of autumn that will bring new characters, both good and bad, for players to encounter. New weapons, coatings, and content will also be available for players to discover as they work to get to the bottom of the secret link between two new characters. 

Get ready to meet three new faces in this update: Selena: Tempest, Wanshi: Hypnos, and Siren. With this new version of the game, 100% rate-up events will be available for a limited time. Players interested in characters’ stories will want to pay special attention to the interludes as they reveal much of the history of the new characters. 

Selena: Tempest is an S-rank Transcendant and lightning vanguard. A member of the Archaeological team, and known for her artistic talent and singing voice, Selena was once rescued by an Ascendant. Since her rescue Selena has become a Transcendent.

Wanshi: Hypnos is a A-rank Construct and ice support. As a Strike Hawk member, Wanshi always has that sleepy look. Don’t let those sleepy eyes deceive you; once you get to know him better, you will realize that he can be pretty dependable when things get bad. 

Siren is the new boss that players can expect. The multi-stage and the oppressive form design shows off the upgrade of Kuro Game’s action design. Some say that Siren and Selena are connected; it’s up to the players to figure out what exactly links the two. 

Other Echo Aria Features: 

  • New Coatings: Selena: Tempest will new Nightingale and Rose new coating. Wanshi: Hypnos will have the new Hawk Scout coating. Rosetta: Rigor will have the new Howling Crown coating.

  • New Weapons: Exclusive weapons Waldmeister and Scale. There will also be a new weapon coating Yggdrasil.

  • Content: CUB System, also known as the Combat Unit Booster. It is the latest research achievement of the Science Council. Up your game by unleashing CUB skills while in battle. Norman Revival Plan, obtain Autonomous Miners and Tantalum Ore, exchange the Tantalum Ore for rewards in the shop and use resources to upgrade and strengthen your CUB.

Since its launch, Punishing: Gray Raven has surpassed 20 million downloads and has enthralled fans from around the world. Within its first year of launch, Punishing: Gray Raven has released several updates, including Echo Aria, Fake Ascension, Lost Chapter, the most recent Untold Naraka, and more. The game’s deep ongoing visual novel-style narrative takes players on a dark sci-fi story where they unravel the secrets behind the Punishing virus.

Punishing: Gray Raven is available to download for free on the App Store or Google Play. Commandants can connect with the developers and other fans worldwide by following the game on Twitter and Facebook or joining the official Discord.

About Kuro Game

Founded in 2014, Kuro Game is a studio dedicated to developing high quality action RPGs with exquisite art and top-tier combat design. We also publish and support player-focused anime mobile games.


Our largest game to date, “Punishing: Gray Raven” launched in China on December 5th, 2019 for Android and iOS, and was a download chart-topping hit with domestic audiences, plus Japan. We are now bringing the game to North America, Europe, Australia & South-East Asia.


We’re certified as an enterprise that pays great attention to creativity and culture. Our goal is to continue to expand and evolve our games while delivering fresh experiences to players.

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