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"Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" coming to Steam on July 28, 2022(Pacific Standard Time)

'PLUS' edition comes next week with the new modes, gimmicks.
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Japanese / English / Chinese / Spanish
4.99 dollars

This will be our 17th "Pretty Girls" titles in the series! Previous "Pretty Girl" titles have sold over 360,000 units to date. "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" coming to Steam on July 28, 2022(Pacific Standard Time).

"Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" release launch sale!

We will hold a 20% off launch sale to commemorate the release for the first week!


"Pretty Girls Breakout!" is powered up!!

"Pretty Girls Breakout!", A batting action-type breakout game that hits, hits, and hits back, is powered up!
New game modes and new gimmicks have been added to make "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS"!
Complete the stages and get the costumes of 10 Pretty Girls to complete the game!

Batting action-type breakout game

"Pretty Girls Breakout!" is a block breaking game in which you control the player, batting at the right time and hitting the ball back.
Depending on the stage, enemies will appear and shoot attack bullets, but aggressively hit back the bullets, destroy blocks and defeat the enemies to aim for a high score!

New game modes!

- Pretty Battle

This mode has 5 stages for each of the 7 characters.
The difficulty level increases with the level of the stage.
You can earn points by clearing each stage.
Use the points you earn to get new costumes from the point exchange in the dressing room!

- Eternal Challenge

In this mode, players compete to see how high they can increase their high score by endlessly breaking blocks that are approaching.
The score increases as you break blocks and smash continuously, but it decreases as the ball falls or you take damage.
The game is over when the block reaches the position of your ship.
Try your hand at the endless, never-ending stages!

The "KAWAII" girls await you!

A total of 10 characters will appear in the game!
New costumes can be changed in the dressing room.
All characters are voiced in Japanese.

The Dressing Room has been powered up!

The latest version of the Dressing Room, a well-known feature of the Pretty Girls series, is now available.
In the diorama mode, you can place multiple characters at the same time and customize each character's placement, facial expression, and costume.
Ten different stamps can be attached to decorate the scene!

Character introduction:

Beatrix - Queen of the fairy kingdom who descended to the human world. She is an egomaniac who respects beautiful things and can't help acquiring them.

Ayame - A mischievous girl with a strong sense of justice. But in fact, she is actually shy.

Rui - Rui is one of the most popular idols of the moment. She becomes tsundere in front of men she likes.

Asahi - Kind, family-oriented, and firm. She is good at housework and is relied on to do it, but she is not good at sports.

Yu - Yu is a responsible and serious person, but she is often defenseless. She is family-oriented and good at housework.

Erina - A kind and caring teacher. She is the advisor of the swimming club.

Ryoka - A strict physical education teacher who is hard on herself and others. She is often feared by her students.

Misa - A calm, mature woman with a seductive sex appeal. She prefers older men.

Yuri - An elite type with a clear head. She is bitter about the open-minded lifestyle of women and believes that love should be a healthy relationship.

Miku - A cheerleader who uses her athletic prowess to her advantage. She is a cute little sister with a sassy and pouty personality.

* All Bishoujo characters are officially licensed and used.
* All characters appearing in this game are over 18 years old.

Product Summary:

- Product information

Title name: Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS
Platform: Steam
Genre: Batting action-type breakout game
Language: Japanese / English / Chinese / Spanish
Release Date: July 28, 2022 (Pacific Standard Time)
Price: 4.99 dollars (tax included)
Player: Single player
Steam compatible functions: Achievements / Cloud / Ranking

- System requirements

OS: Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11
CPU: 2Ghz
DirectX: Version 11
GRAPHIC: DirectX Compatible video card with Pixel Shader 3.0 and Vertex Shader 3.0 support
SOUND: DirectX-compatible sound

- Copyright

Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS (C)2022 Zoo Corporation.
Character copyright (C)2022 Norn / Miel. All rights reserved.


URLs of the ZOO GAMES community hub and official website on Steam.

Zoo Games Steam Publisher Page

Steam "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" Product site

Zoo Games "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" Product site

Youtube "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" Official trailer movie

Youtube "Pretty Girls Breakout! PLUS" Official game play movie

Steam review key:

Please apply for a product key for Steam review from the following site.


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